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camRade wetSuit ARRI ALEXA Mini LF

camRade wetSuit ARRI ALEXA Mini LF


The camRade wetSuit ARRI ALEXA Mini LF is a custom made rain cover to fit your ARRI ALEXA Mini LF camera It’s made of water-resistant fabric with a soft lining that minimalizes unwanted sound effects during operation.

DoP’s have the freedom to use their desired configuration of the camera due to practically located openings, a separate viewfinder cover that enables different set-ups of the viewfinder and an opening on the back of the cover that allows using multiple batteries and/or a wireless devices with antennas while keeping everything safe from wind and rain.

Special vents in the cover make sure the chance of overheating is put to a minimum. The wetSuit ARRI ALEXA Mini LF is supplied with clear protection covers for a normal and a long lens, making sure that any lens you might use will be well protected. When the lens is shorter than the cover this can be folded back to the correct size. The cover has clear vinyl windows which can be opened and closed with hook and loop fasteners, for maximum visibility when adjusting the menu, audio input select level and other controls.

This item will be delivered to you in a waterproof pouch with zipper, which you can use for storage and transportation of the cover when not in active use.


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camRade wetSuit WS ARRI AMIRA
camRade wetSuit ARRI AMIRA CAM-WS-ARRI-AMIRA The camRade WetSiut WS ARRI AMIRA is a soft flexible, waterproof PVC rain cover that can be used around your camcorder with complete access to the controls, zoom and OLED viewfinder. This is a custom made rain cover designed for the ARRI AMIRA For the ultimate protection against ‘bad weather’ for the AMIRA, camRade designed the wetSuit ARRI Amira. This cover is made of full waterproof, soft, flexible PVC and has an interior of noiseless cotton that reduces unwanted sound effects caused by wind and rain. camRade wetSuit ARRI AMIRA has vinyl windows to view and access all controls, velcro and zipper closures and comes standard with a cover that protects the OLED viewfinder and flip out 3.2" TFT screen. This raincover is packed in a waterproof fiddle case.

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camRade wetSuit WS ARRI Alexa
camRade wetSuit ARRI Alexa SKU: CAM-WS-ARRI-ALEXA This wetSuit fits the ARRI Alexa like a glove while keeping all the ever-important control options available to the user. This rain cover protects the ARRI Alexa and MB 17 or MB 18. CamRade has developed a wetsuit camRade wetSuit ARRI Alexa in cooperation with ARRI Europe : the wetSuit ARRI Alexa. Since ARRI cameras are the absolute pillars of the movie industry at the moment it was a logical step for camRade to design a weather cover specifically for one of ARRI’s newest cameras. Whether you are shooting in a muddy, rainy or even dusty environment, the wetSuit ARRI Alexa will protect your camera in every possible way. Next to camera protection you will receive the supreme quality you have come to expect from camRade, since CamRade usues only the very best fabrics and noiseless technology for ARRI’s wetSuit.

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