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BlueShape PWS2 28V 2x V-lock battery Power Station

BlueShape PWS2 28V 2x V-lock battery Power Station

The BLUESHAPE power station concept is a convenient system to integrate the power of multiple V-lock batteries into a unique source that can be tapped anywhere anytime in a simultaneous dual voltage output.

The 2 available outputs, 14V (4-pins XLR) and 28V (3-pins XLR) operate in parallel an share the avaialble power in input: the output power is available simultaneously from both ports.
Due to the highly efficient internal electronics, over the 90% when delivering higher loads, the system remains cool even after hours of operation for a safe and prolonged system reliability.
Depending on which batteries are installed, the dual system can supply power as follows:

Installing 2x BV batteries, HD models (high drain)

up to 170W on the 14V output
up tp 280W on the 28V output

Installing 2x standard BV batteries (normal discharge)

up to 140W on the 14V output
up tp 240W on the 28V output

Batteries are hot-swappable to keep providing constant power without interruption, even when a battery becomes empty (if the remaining battery is capable to compensate and deliver more current)..

An array of LEDs is used to indicate the level of current delivered instantaneously by each battery, giving the user the indication of the load each battery is withstanding:

Lower LEDs: blinks for current delivered up to 1.5A, steady for current over 1.5A
Middle LEDs: blinks for current delivered up to 4.5A, steady for current over 4.5A
Upper LEDs: blinks for current delivered up to 8A, steady for current over 8A

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Core SWX FLEET-D2S V-Mount 2-Bay Fast Simultaneous Li-Ion Charger
Core SWX FLEET-D2S The Core SWX Fleet D charger is a two position, simultaneous charger ideal for ENG, and mobile production.  Built upon the foundation of the Fleet Q, four position charger, the super compact design allows it to fit in almost any compartment in a travel bag, while still offering the fastest charge times in the industry.  The Fleet charger has two independent charge bays, allowing each bay to focus on the individual battery connected, completing a recharge on two 98wh battery packs in 2.5 hours. The charger’s low profile design takes up as little space as possible, while allowing for stacking.  Nearly indestructible, the all-aluminum design will allow the charger to stand up tp the demands of production.   A recessed carry handle coupled with the slim, light-weight aluminum design, makes it very travel friendly. Core SWX FLEET-D Technical data V-Mount Quick Charge Current: 3A Size: 22.50 cm x 7.62 cm x 13.72 cm Weight: 0.73 kg Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

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Core SWX FLEET-DM2S Fleet Micro 3A V-Mount Digital Dual Charger
Core SWX FLEET-DM2S The Core SWX Fleet Micro series of chargers are the most advanced in the industry.  The chargers offer a complete battery management system for your battery “Fleet,” including an on-board LCD to monitor the battery packs’ smart battery data.  Besides being the fastest battery charger in the industry today(four 98wh packs in under 2 1/2hrs.), the charger offers a TEST mode to determine battery health and recharge performance. With the inclusion of a micro USB on the rear of the unit, that data can then be viewed and managed with a PC application.  The micro USB doubles as an input for future free firmware upgrades(downloadable via the web). In addition to battery management, the Fleet Micro chargers includes SafeFly mode.  With one touch of the onboard membrane button console, the charger will either charge the connected packs to up to 30% or discharge to under 30%, depending on the state of charge of those connected.  The one-touch operation allows you to quickly prepare all packs for air travel or shipment.  This feature can also be applied to a single connected pack. The Fleet Micro series is also the most cross-compatible, able to address not only Core SWX battery packs but those offered by RED, Anton/Bauer, and many more.  With this additional charge compatibility, it provides piece of mind that whether you’re on location with multiple crews, charging legacy packs, or your rental Fleet, the Fleet Micro has you covered. The Core SWX Fleet Micro series includes a 90w DC 4-pin XLR power supply to power most cameras.  In addition to the on-board power supply, the charger doubles as a battery bank when in “Hypercine” power supply mode(unregulated 12v-16.8v DC).  The charger parallels all the on-board battery packs to provide continuous power, and the charger’s LCD reports back available capacity as well as remaining runtime.  With the optional “Hypercine module,” the charger provides both unregulated 12v-16.8v 4-pin XLR, as well as 28v regulated 3-pin XLR DC outputs. Quick Charge Current: 3A SimultaneousDischarge Current: Up to 2A per channelSize: 23.11 cm x 8.51 cm x 16.69 cmWeight: 0.82 kgInput Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz4x20 Character Backlit LCD

PLN 4,926.15*
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Axcom SM-CPVM-2 2-Slot V-Mount Battery Charger
Axcom SM-CPVM-2 2-Slot V-Mount Battery Charger of the german manufacturer axcom with 2 slots to charge two V-Mount batteries simultaneously. With a 4 Pin XLR Output (60W 15V 4.0A). The weight is 1kg. Axcom SM-CPVM-2 includes charger, mains cable, XLR extension cable and manual. Input: 90V - 240VOutput for V-Mount Batteries: 16.8V 2.65AOutput 4 Pin XLR: 60W 15V 4.0A Charging times 4.4Ah approximately 2,5 hours6.6Ah approximately 3,8 hours8.8Ah approximately 5,0 hours11Ah approximately 6,3 hours13,2Ah approximately 7,6 hours

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