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Blackmagic Studio Fiber Rack Kit

Blackmagic Studio Fiber Rack Kit

Blackmagic Studio Fiber Rack Kit mounts up to 2 Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converters side by side with this lightweight kit that’s perfect for road cases or equipment racks

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Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter
Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter The Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter is used at the other end of your broadcast camera chain back in the studio or outside broadcast truck. It converts signals from the remote camera back into standard television industry connections that can be used with your live production switchers, audio mixers and talkback interfaces. It features a high capacity power supply to drive the cable so it can provide enough power for your camera and any accessories that you might add. The studio fiber converter includes connections for tally, two dual channel intercoms for industry standard 3rd party talkback systems, and even a backup engineering talkback channel in case the fiber goes down. You get a main Ultra HD camera feed plus 3 independent HD return feeds with full remote camera control, PTZ, tracker talkback and ethernet, all through a single SMPTE fiber cable. Plus, there is a large 5 inch LCD screen right next to the SMPTE fiber connection on the front panel for monitoring signals from the remote camera. This allows for easy patching and verification of the remote camera function!  

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