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Benro Master 100x100 ND 1.8 Filter (6 Stops)

Benro 100 x 100mm Master Series Neutral Density 1.8 Filter (6 Stops)

SKU: MAND641010

Benro Master 100 x 100mm Glass ND Filter (6-Stop) is a Solid Neutral Density filter, designed to allow for longer exposures in any conditions, but particularly in bright light. Colours become more saturated and details become richer.

Running water (waterfalls, ocean tides) becomes smooth and misty as light information is written over and over during the exposure time. Clouds will soften and other moving objects will create blur while static objects remain pin sharp.


Imported German Schott optical glass
High definition technology ensures perfect clarity with zero loss of quality
ULCA (ultra low chromatic aberration) coating creates reflectivity below 1.5%
Anti-IR and ultra-low colour shift allowing light to transmit evenly
Improved graduated area for better performance and light capture in camera
Leading WMC (Waterproof Multi-layered Coating) protects filter from scratches, liquids and oils

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