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Shape MTL14 Shape MTL14 Triple Riser Stand
The SHAPE Montreal combo triple riser stand with square Legs has a black/chrome finish, has a maximum height of 13 3/4’ / 420 cm tall, and can support up to 32.5 Kg of equipment. The main tubes are made of very sturdy stainless and has...
2 302,56 PLN *
Cena netto 1 872,00 PLN
shape BTL100 Shape BTL100 Hi-Hat 100mm Bowl with Ground...
SKU: BTL100 / The SHAPE baby tripod leg is made of lightweight yet durable CNC aluminum and features a 100mm bowl head. Its clamp allows you to easily adjust the tripod into two sections
1 771,20 PLN *
Cena netto 1 440,00 PLN
Shape SVT10K Shape SVT10K
The SHAPE 75mm FLUID HEAD 3 STAGE VIDEO TRIPOD AND BAG features a 75mm bowl. The legs are individually adjustable and feature a mid-level spreader for stability.
2 007,36 PLN *
Cena netto 1 632,00 PLN
SHAPE MNDA SHAPE MNDA Quick Handle ARRI Rosette (Medium)
SKU: MNDA One pair of ARRI Rosette-compatible handgrips that can be attached to cameras or camera support hardware. Each arm features three points of articulation allowing for nearly endless configurations
7 822,80 PLN *
Cena netto 6 360,00 PLN
SHAPE SNDA SHAPE SNDA Quick Handle ARRI Rosette (Small)
SHAPE’s Push-button handle has been adopted by many professionals in the industry for its ease of use and strong, positive lock. We developed this patented technology to give users quick and easy adjustment of the rig
7 232,40 PLN *
Cena netto 5 880,00 PLN
SHAPE LNDA SHAPE LNDA Quick Handle ARRI Rosette (Long)
SKU: LNDA / The Push-button system on the handle joint provides quick articulation near the rosette, while a second push-button joint allows you to rotate and precisely position the rubber handgrips.
8 259,70 PLN *
Cena netto 6 715,20 PLN
SHAPE Pivoting mounting plate SHAPE Pivoting mounting plate for wireless...
SKU: PMPW / The SHAPE pivoting mounting plate is designed to mount portable wireless microphone, receivers, hard drive, wireless transmission system and other accessories to your camera.
590,40 PLN *
Cena netto 480,00 PLN
SHAPE VCT Tripod Plate SHAPE VCT Tripod Plate
SKU: VCTSH / SHAPE VCT Tripod Plate to płytka kamerowa typu quick-release tripod plate oparta na systemie mocowania kamer V-lock system z mocowaniem delta we frontowej części u trzpieniem w tylnej.
1 889,28 PLN *
Cena netto 1 536,00 PLN
SHAPE touch and go flying plate system SHAPE touch and go flying plate system
SKU: TGCFP / SHAPE touch and go flying plate system jest kompatybilny z głowicami Sachtler 35, OConnor Euro (Large 120mm) oraz Ronford Baker RBQ
2 243,52 PLN *
Cena netto 1 824,00 PLN
Shape Quick release adapter Shape 577CNCQR Quick release adapter
577CNCQR Quick Release Assembly firmy SHAPE daje Ci możliwość zdejmowania kamery z rigu, statywu, stabilizatora itp. bez potrzeby odkręcania jej za każdym razem.
501,84 PLN *
Cena netto 408,00 PLN
Shape 577QR Quick release plate adapter Shape 577QR Quick release plate adapter
SKU: 577QR / The SHAPE Quick Release Plate Adapter gives you the freedom to remove your camera from your tripod, stabilizer, or support rig without having to detach it from the plate. It includes a Manfrotto 501PL style sliding plate
330,62 PLN *
Cena netto 268,80 PLN
Shape Quick release plate delta Shape Quick release plate delta
SKU: DELTAQUICK / The SHAPE Delta Marbel Quick Release Kit includes a V-lock delta quick release plate and V-lock delta quick release adapter that you can use to quickly mount any camera to any support platform.
962,35 PLN *
Cena netto 782,40 PLN
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