Rayzr MC 200 Bi-Color RGBWW LED Panel

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Rayzr MC200 SKU: 16030802 Rayzr RGBWW LED Soft panels are fully color tunable, offer a... more
Product information "Rayzr MC 200 Bi-Color RGBWW LED Panel"

Rayzr MC200

SKU: 16030802

Rayzr RGBWW LED Soft panels are fully color tunable, offer a wide Kelvin color temperature adjustable range from 2400 to 9900K and can be run off camera batteries. Rayzr MC serie contains 3 models MC 100, MC 120, and RAYZR MC 200. They all offer the same functionality, the only difference is the size and the power draw.

At 4,6 kg the Rayzr MC200 weights significantly less than other 2x1 RGB lights and is also much slimmer, so that it can be used in tight spaces and with little support. With a rugged metal housing it is made for everyday use.

Battery Powered Mobility

Use the MC Series battery operated for hours on location. All models come with a battery plate and run with standard  14.4V V-Mount batteries.

Everything Built-In, Ready To Be Used

The MC series is designed to be practical and easy to use with everything either built into the compact head or mounted to it by quick release for quick setup.

Wireless Control & DMX

With WiFi and DMX built-in, the MC series is easy to control and integrates well into any environment

Quick Release Accessory System

A simple to use quick release accessory system lets you mount light shaping tools in a fast and stable way. Barn doors with extra long leafs are included with every panel.

Silent Operation

The metal housing of the MC Series is designed and optimised for passive cooling through efficient internal airflow as well as acting as a heatsink. The MC100, 120 and 200 are fan-less designs.

Dimming Curves

Four user-selectable dimming curves provide fine grained control in specific situations: linear being a 1:1 translation, exponential providing fine control in the low end whereas logarithmic provides fine control in the high end and the "s" curve is a combination of exponential and logarithmic.


TLCI: 96-98 - CCT mode
Color Rendering Index CRI: up to 95 - CCT mode
Beam Angle: 120°
Color Temperature: 2400-9900K Variable
Power Variation: 0-100% Variable
Power Consumption Max. 190 W
Input Voltage Range: 12-24V DC
Input Current Range: 15.8 A Maximum, 14.8 A Nominal
AC Power Supply: DC 18V 10A
V-mount Battery: 12-24V x 1
DC power plug: XLR-4
DMX: XLR 3-pin IN and OUT
Thermal Design: Silent Passive Cooling
Protection Class: IP 20
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH


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