PollySystem Polly Engine

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PollySystem Polly Engine Dolly 377758 Polly is designed to create smooth and stabilized... more
Product information "PollySystem Polly Engine"

PollySystem Polly Engine Dolly


Polly is designed to create smooth and stabilized camera movements in a special and innovative way. A flywheel – made of high-grade steel – with the new disengageable gear simultaneously accumulates the kinetic energy and stabilizes the movement. With a camera and a video-head mounted on the top (3/8” adapter included) you can achieve constant and ultra slow tracking shots with a fingertip. Polly works on every flat surface. A scale on the flywheel enables super-precise stopmotion dolly shots, too.

Width 200 mm
Height 200 mm
Length 280 mm
Weight 7 kg


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