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PATONA Premium BN-VC296G PATONA Premium BN-VC296G for JVC GY-HC500 /...
PATONA BN-VC296G is a high performance battery with high quality LG brand cells. 100 % compatible with the original JVC Batteries due to custom fit including overcharge and short circuit protection. This battery has a D-Tap socket.
€228.48 *
Net Price €192.00
PATONA Platinum Battery 216Wh V-Mount PATONA Platinum Battery 216Wh V-Mount
For additional convenience, the battery has a D-Tap connector, a DC connector (10-16.8V, 3A max.) and a USB output built in. Thus, additional devices can be connected and used. A 4-stage LED display informs you about the charging status...
€284.41 *
Net Price €239.00
PATONA Platinum Battery 288Wh V-Mount PATONA Platinum Battery 288Wh V-Mount
New in the PATONA Platinum series we present the battery for Sony BP-290W. The high continuous discharge rate of 20A max is made possible by Tesla cells. For additional comfort the battery has a D-Tap connection, a DC connection...
€298.69 *
Net Price €251.00
PATONA Platinum NANO V95 PATONA Platinum NANO V95 V-Mount Battery
The performance of the built-in cells is almost inexhaustible. In the PATONA Platinum series, the most advanced cells have been used, which have a quality that is not only extraordinary, but also impressive at the same time
€224.91 *
Net Price €189.00
PATONA Platinum NANO V145 PATONA Platinum NANO V145 V-Mount Battery
Voltage: 14,8 Volt / Capacity: 9600mAh / 142Wh / Cell type: Li-Ion / Number of cells: 12 x 18650 LG / Max. Power rating: 14A / Overload protection: 16A
€272.51 *
Net Price €229.00
PATONA Platinum NANO V50 PATONA Platinum NANO V50 V-Mount Battery
Brand new to the PATONA Platinum series are our high-current NANO V-Mount batteries in a high-quality housing. Our batteries are equipped with the latest cell technology and have been specially designed to handle and maintain high power...
€174.93 *
Net Price €147.00
BP-U60 Battery Pack 75Wh patona BP-U60 Battery Pack 75Wh
This high-quality battery for Sony BP-U60, from the PATONA Premium series, was developed to meet the needs of demanding professional photographers and filmmakers.
€99.96 *
Net Price €84.00
patona NP-F990 PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack
This high-quality NP-F990 battery from PATONA Premium serie was developed to meet the needs of demanding customers. The newly created PATONA Premium series is desinged for professional photographer segment
€47.60 *
Net Price €40.00
Mit dem PATONA Dual LCD USB Ladegerät f. Sony NP-FM50 VW-VBD1 BN-V607U lassen sich zwei Akkus schnell, zeitgleich und voneinander unabhängig aufladen. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob die beiden Akkus die gleiche Kapazität haben.
€35.70 *
Net Price €30.00
PATONA Premium BP-95WS PATONA Premium BP-95WS 95Wh Battery V-Mount
High capacity 6600mAh / 14,4V / 95Wh, Output USB: 5,0V / 2,1A, D-Tap output: 10V-16,8V, Connector Type: V-Mount, Type: Li-Ion, Number of cells: 8 (Sanyo / Panasonic / LG), Maximum current: 10A, Weight: 581g, Dimensions: 96 mm x 152 mm x...
€154.70 *
Net Price €130.00
4-Slot V-Mount Battery Charger PATONA 4 position V-Mount charger
With this parallel charger you can charge up to 4 V-Mount batteries (with 3 Ampere each) at the same time. Furthermore, it can be used in power supply mode with devices to 60 Watts. The charger has a strong outer material made of black...
€464.10 *
Net Price €390.00
PATONA Dual V-Mount charger PATONA Dual V-Mount Charger (4-Pin XLR cable)
The PATONA Dual V-Mount charger f. Sony is able to charge two batteries, simultaneously, quickly and independently of each other. It doesn´t matter if the two batteries have the same capacity.
€177.31 *
Net Price €149.00
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