PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack

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PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack This high-quality NP-F990 battery from PATONA... more
Product information "PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack"

PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack

This high-quality NP-F990 battery from PATONA Premium serie was developed to meet the needs of demanding customers. The newly created PATONA Premium series is  desinged for professional photographer segment and specialist photo shops etc. Thanks to the particularly long battery life, this premium battery is also intended for any other type of professional use.

High capacity 10400mAh / 7.2V / 74,9Wh

Compatible part number

NP-530, NP-730, NP-930, NP-F330, NP-F730, NP-F930, NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F950, NP-F960, NP-F970, NP-F990

Compatible model number

Sony CCD-TR1, CCD-TR200, CCD-TR215, CCD-TR3, CCD-TR300, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TR3300, CCD-TR416, CCD-TR500, CCD-TR516, CCD-TR517, CCD-TR57, CCD-TR555, CCD-TR67, CCD-TR716, CCD-TR76, CCD-TR818, CCD-TR87, CCD-TR845E, CCD-TR910, CCD-TR917, CCD-TR930, CCD-TR940, CCD-TRT97, CCD-TRV101, CCD-TRV119, CCD-TRV15, CCD-TRV16, CCD-TRV215, CCD-TRV25, CCD-TRV3000, CCD-TRV315, CCD-TRV35, CCD-TRV36, CCD-TRV37, CCD-TRV4, CCD-TRV41, CCD-TRV43, CCD-TRV46, CCD-TRV51, CCD-TRV517, CCD-TRV57, CCD-TRV58, CCD-TRV615, CCD-TRV62, CCD-TRV65, CCD-TRV66, CCD-TRV67, CCD-TRV68, CCD-TRV715, CCD-TRV716, CCD-TRV72, CCD-TRV720, CCD-TRV75, CCD-TRV78E, CCD-TRV81, DCR-TRV820E, CCD-TRV815, CCD-TRV82, CCD-TRV85, CCD-TRV87, CCD-TRV88, CCD-TRV90, CCD-TRV91, CCD-TRV93, CCD-TRV95, CCD-TRV98, CCD-TRV99, CCD-SC5, CCD-SC55, CCD-SC65, DCR-TR8000/E, DCR-TR8100/E, DCR-TR7000/E, DCR-TR7100/E, DCR-TR700/E, DCR-TRV103/E, DCR-TRV110/E, DCR-TRV120/E, DCR-TRV130/E, DCR-TRV210/E, DCR-TRV310/E, DCR-TR8000E, DCR-TRV315/E, DCR-TRV320/E, DCR-TRV5/E, DCR-TRV510/E, DCR-TRV620/E, DCR-TRV520/E, DCR-TRV525/E, DCR-TRV7/E, DCR-TRV720/E, DCR-TRV820/E, DCR-TRV5/E, DCR-TRV9/E, DCR-TRV900/E, DCR-TV900/E, DCR-VX2000/E, DCR-VX2100/E, DCR-VX700/E, DCR-VX9000, DCR-VX9/E, DSC-CD100, DSC-CD250, DSC-CD400, DSC-D700, DSC-D770, DSR-200, DSR-250, DSR-300, DSR-PD100A, DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170, GV-A500, GV-A500E, GV-D200, GV-D800, MVC-FD5, MVC-FD7, MVC-FD51, MVC-FD71, MVC-FD73, MVC-FD75, MVC-FD81, MVC-FD83, MVC-FD85, MVC-FD87, MVC-FD88, MVC-FD90, MVC-FD91, MVC-FD91AOL, MVC-FD92, MVC-FD95, MVC-FD97, MVC-FD100, MVC-FD200, HDR-FX1, HDR-FX7, HDV-Z1, HDV-FX1, VCL-ES06A, PLM-100

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