OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set C1244-0003

oconnor o-grips deluxe set
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OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set C1244-0003 O-Grips Handgrip System includes 2 x O-Grips... more
Product information "OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set C1244-0003"

OConnor O-Grips Deluxe Set


O-Grips Handgrip System includes

2 x O-Grips Single ModuleC1244-1001
1 x O-Grips Three-System Rod BridgeC1244-1002
2 x Rosette Adapter 60-tooth (ARRI compatible)
1 x C1244-1003O-Grips Switch ModuleC1244-1004

The O-Grips can be used for all common camera systems (possibly via adapter).

Single-handle ball joints with high load capacity (i.e. can also be used for large cameras)
Each module is a fully adjustable and can be clamped in a full hemisphere
Stackable modules, i.e. you can put together Double or multi-joint handles
Rod Bridge fits all three common rod systems (Studio 15mm, 19mm & Studio LWS 15mm)

O-Grips Rod Bridge

The only handgrip bridge that accommodates the three most common professional rod spacings (Studio 15mm and 19mm, Light Weight Support LWS 15mm.)

O-Grips Modules

With the highest available payload capacity for a balljointed handgrips, a single O-Grip module has a 3/8ths male screw on top with a 3/8ths female receptacle on the bottom. The stainless steel ball joint is adjustable and lockable in a full hemisphere via single handed operation, even while shouldering larger camera systems.

O-Grips Mounting

O-Grip modules are stackable for custom applications. Using a 5mm Allen Wrench the O-Grips securely attach to the Bridge, other O-Grips or any standard 3/8ths mounting point.

O-Grips Versatility

With the various mounting options, high payload capacity and single-handed operation the O-Grips are not only the most versatile handgrips in the market but can also be used as the strongest articulating arm for mounting various hardware on camera setups.


3/8” stainless steel top screw with 3/8” bottom thread. Quick and simple using a 5 mm Allen wrenchCompatible with all common camera configurations with optional accessories.

Construction solid titanium core
Modular stackable design for custom applications
Payload capacity (maximum) 20 kg
Rod fitting (using O-Grips bridge)
15 mm Studio
19 mm Studio
15 mm LWS

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