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NEC 322UHD-2 SpectraView NEC 322UHD-2 SpectraView Reference LCD 32"...
Professional 31.5 Colour Display. The NEC SpectraView Reference 322UHD-2 is a high-end professional performance LCD monitors using the latest 10-bit IGZO technology IPS-type LED backlit LCD for colour critical applications with many...
€4,758.81 * with VAT
€3,999.00 without VAT

NEC EA275WMi MultiSync LCD Display NEC EA275WMi MultiSync LCD 27" Commercial Display
The NEC MultiSync EA275WMi features an extremely thin 27" IPS LED backlight panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which results in an ultra-modern and slim design. Ambient Light and Human Sensors enforce the sustainable product concept
€748.51 * with VAT
€629.00 without VAT

NEC PA322UHD-2-SV2 MultiSync LCD 32" Professional Display NEC PA322UHD-2-SV2 MultiSync LCD 32"...
The NEC PA322UHD-2-SV2 allows 24/7 usage (with optional Warranty extension) and error-free, intensive viewing
€3,806.81 * with VAT
€3,199.00 without VAT

HP Z27q display HP Z27q 27-inch IPS 5K Display (J3G14A4)
SKU: J3G14A4 - Redefine life like image presentation with the HP Z27q 27-inch IPS 5K Display, which delivers more screen real estate and color clarity with an astounding 5K resolution.
€1,725.50 * with VAT
€1,450.00 without VAT

Sonnet xMac Pro Server Sonnet xMac Pro Server PCIe 2.0 Thunderbolt 2...
SKU: XMAC-PS / Constructed of heavy-duty steel, xMac Pro Server’s outer 4U rackmount enclosure provides secure mounting and protection for the Mac Pro and PCIe cards
€1,783.81 * with VAT
€1,499.00 without VAT

hp dreamcolor z32x HP DreamColor Z32x Professional Display (M2D46A4)
The HP DreamColor Z32x 31.5-inch UHD Display is a HP’s largest UHD 4K display, which delivers a staggering 8 million pixels and 4K resolution and has award- winning HP DreamColor technology built right in
€1,837.36 * with VAT
€1,544.00 without VAT

eizo coloredge cs270-bk EIZO ColorEdge CS270-BK 27" IPS LCD Monitor
The ColorEdge CS270 comes bundled with EIZO’s own ColorNavigator 6 calibration software
€1,093.61 * with VAT
€919.00 without VAT

eizo coloredge cg318-4k EIZO ColorEdge CG318-4K 31.1in LED IPS Monitor
This wide-gamut monitor faithfully reproduces almost the entire DCI-P3 standard used in digital cinema. It also covers 100% of the Rec. 709, EBU, and SMPTE-C standards and 99% of Adobe RGB
€4,758.81 * with VAT
€3,999.00 without VAT