Metabones Nikon G to MFT Speed Booster XL 0.64x

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Metabones Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster XL 0.64x SKU: MB_SPNFG-m43-BM2 A new... more
Product information "Metabones Nikon G to MFT Speed Booster XL 0.64x"

Metabones Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster XL 0.64x


A new Micro-4/3 mount Speed Booster adapter designed exclusively for the Panasonic GH4 and other selected Micro Four Thirds cameras with a magnification of 0.64x.

The Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x uses an advanced 6-element optical design to achieve extraordinary optical performance at apertures up to an incredible f/0.80, a new record for Micro Four Thirds format. The new Speed Booster XL 0.64x reduces the full-frame crop factor of the Panasonic GH4 from 2.0x to 1.28x, thus effectively transforming these cameras into APS-H format. When the GH4 is used in Cinema 4k video mode the horizontal full frame crop factor is reduced from 2.34x to 1.50x, thus effectively transforming the GH4 into a super-35 format 4k cine camera. In addition, the speed of any attached lens is increased by 11/3 stops, with a maximum output aperture of f/0.80 when an f/1.2 lens is used. For example, a 50mm f/1.2 becomes a 32mm f/0.80, which is the fastest aperture available for full size Micro Four Thirds format.

Speed Booster XL 0.64x Key Features

Industry's best aperture ring covers a 8-stop range, clearly indicating actual number of f-stops. No more guesswork!
Compatible to both Nikkor G lens &  F lens (include non-AI & AI lens mounts)
Increase maximum aperture by 1 1/stops
Increase MTF
Makes lens 0.64x wider
Click-less manual G aperture ring
Optics designed by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending)
The tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo Clam ball heads


Panasonic GH4, GH3, G3, G5, G6, G10, GF3, GF5, GF6, GX1, Olympus E-PL7
Blackmagic Cinema Camera with Micro Four Thirds mount and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

List of incompatible lenses

Nikkor 2.1cm f4
20/2.8 AI-S



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