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Hawk-Woods VLM-FX9 Hawk-Woods VLM-FX9 Sony FX9 V-Lok Camera mount...
SKU: VLM-FX9 / The Hawk-Woods VLM-FX9 is a direct V-Lok fitting for Sony PXW-FX9 camera allowing the user to use higher powered V-Lok batteries rather than BPU batteries which are the standard battery for the FX9 camera.
€324.80 *
Net Price €280.00
Hawk-Woods RP-MX4 4-Channel 2A Reel-Power Li-Ion Charger Hawk-Woods RP-MX4 4-Channel 2A Reel-Power...
SKU: RP-MX4 / Hawk-Woods's latest 4-channel Reel Power simultaneous charger offers a more sleek and compact look than our previous simultaneous model. Still keeping the simultaneous function so that you may charge all four batteries at once
€638.00 *
Net Price €550.00
26V 90Wh Mini Reel-Power Battery Pack Hawk-Woods RP-M90 26V 90Wh Mini Reel-Power...
SKU; RP-M90 / The Hawk-Woods 90Wh mini Reel Power battery has been added to the mini RP range. Hawk-Woods range of mini 26v batteries have been designed for running high voltage cameras such as ARRI camera's and lighting equipment,
€394.40 *
Net Price €340.00
26V 180Wh Mini Reel-Power Battery Pack Hawk-Woods RP-M180 26V 180Wh Mini Reel-Power...
SKU: RP-M180 / The perfect match for high-voltage camera's when using the higher voltage battery, you demand less current from the battery, giving them an easier life and longer life span.
€522.00 *
Net Price €450.00
98Wh Sony replacement BP-U battery Hawk-Woods BP-98UX 98Wh 14.4v Lithium-Ion Sony...
SKU: BP-98UX / Hawk-Woods BP-98UX has been designed, manufactured and tested to be a direct replacement for Sony BP-U type batteries. With a built-in fuel gauge & Hawk-Woods build quality, the high-tech Li-Ion BP-98UX camera battery...
€233.16 *
Net Price €201.00
Hawk-Woods PS-500 Hawk-Woods PS-500 Mains Power Supply - Dual...
SKU: PS-500 / The Hawk-Woods PS-500 is ideal for a static multiple camera set-up or studio work or even showroom/display setup. Capable of providing up to 500 Watts at 15V or 24V simultaneously
€1,274.84 *
Net Price €1,099.00
Hawk-Woods LR-08 Hawk-Woods LR-08 D-Tap - NPF dummy 8.4v
SKU: LR-08 / Hawk-Woods LR-08 is a dummy battery for the SMALLHD Monitors 502/503/702/703 and Atomos Monitors, such as Inferno, Flame, Shogun, V. The LR-08 is regulated to 8.4v, and can be placed onto the back of your monitor for use...
€103.24 *
Net Price €89.00
Hawk-Woods LR-14 Hawk-Woods LR-14 DC Cord Power-con - Panasonic...
SKU: LR-14 / Hawk-Woods LR-14 cable is designed for use with the Panasonic Lumix S1. This is a regulated dummy battery to 8.4v for the camera's. This cable runs from a Power-con so you can power from a external battery in order to run...
€103.24 *
Net Price €89.00
Hawk-Woods LR-20 Hawk-Woods LR-20 Fischer 3-pin - Mini XLR 4-pin
SKU: LR-20 / Hawk-Woods Fischer 3-pin (RS) Mini XLR 4-pin (female) - 75cm Length allows the user to power a TVlogic Monitor from a 24v RS 3 pin Fischer output such as the 3 pin output found on Arri cameras
€90.48 *
Net Price €78.00
Hawk-Woods RP-A2 Hawk-Woods RP-A2 24v RS Power Adaptor - 3x RS...
SKU: RP-A2 / The Hawk-Woods RP-A2 has been designed to provide further outputs from a single RS Fischer output like the Arri Alexa 24v output. This adaptor has 3x RS Fischer outputs allowing the user to run extra accessories/equipment.
€236.64 *
Net Price €204.00
Hawk-Woods VL-M98 Hawk-Woods VL-M98 14.4V 98Wh mini V-Lok...
SKU: VL-M98 / Hawk-Woods 98Wh mini V-lok battery is the first to be added to the mini VL range. The mini battery system offers all the features of the standard size V-Lok battery in what is to date the smallest V-Lok case
€296.96 *
Net Price €256.00
Hawk-Woods VLM-SD1 Hawk-Woods VLM-SD1 SmallHD 503 / 703 Mini-VL...
SKU: VLM-SD1 / Small HD 503 and 703 Mini-VL monitor fitting adaptor will fit directly onto the rear of your Small HD 703 monitor. Screws will be provided with the Hawk-Woods VLM-SD1 product for ease of fitting.
€114.84 *
Net Price €99.00
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