Genus Universal Bravo Follow Focus

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Product information "Genus Universal Bravo Follow Focus"

Genus Universal Bravo Follow Focus


Genus Universal Bravo Follow Focus features a new reversible  gear box. This allows Canon and Nikon lenses to focus in same direction when using a follow focus. The gear box is precision engineered to ensure zero backlash. The gear meshing  can be adjusted in the unlikely event that backlash develops. Smooth action of the gearbox allows the camera operator or assistant to pull accurate and repeatable focus.


Genus Universal Bravo Follow Focus has quick release bracket makes it easy to attach and remove  the unit from 15mm rods. The clamping mechanisms is engineered to ensure flexibility whilst maintaining the rigidity needed in a precision follow focus.

The new improved end stop mechanism makes it quick  to set and adjust follow focus marks


The smooth white 3D follow focus disc makes it easy to mark and erase follow focus points withs whiteboard marker. The beveled edge of the 3D marking disc allows the viewing of the focus points from a wide range of different angles.The Universal Focus Focus now comes as standard with 3 different size pitches gears

0.5 pitch gear
0.6 pitch gear
0.8 pitch gear

and a flexible lens gear as standard.

The Genus Lens Flexi gear is 0.8  ring which easily attaches to stills photographic  lenses to allow for use with follow focus units.

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