FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9

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  • SW19275
FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9 SKU: MK18-55mm Standard zoom lens with the focal length of 18-55mm... more
Product information "FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9"

FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9

SKU: MK18-55mm

Standard zoom lens with the focal length of 18-55mm

The FUJINON MK lenses joining FUJINON cinema lens lineup inherit the FUJINON cine lenses advanced edge-to-edge optical performance and low distortion, and yet boast compact and lightweight design as well as the level of outstanding cost performance that has never been seen in conventional cinema lenses until now.

The FUJINON MK series offers fast lenses with T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range, enabling a shallow depth-of-field as well as a beautiful bokeh effect. The lenses will be compatible with E-mount cameras with the Super 35mm / APS-C sensor and the X Mount used in Fujifilm’s “X Series” of digital cameras (APS-C sensor). They achieve advanced optical performance despite their compact and lightweight body by incorporating the benefits of short flange focal distance into optical design to the maximum extent. The use of optical and mechanical design optimized for dedicated movie lenses minimizes focal shift and optical axis shift while zooming, and lens breathing (change of angle of view during focusing) that are typically observed in interchangeable lenses for digital cameras. The lenses feature three rings to enable manual and independent adjustment of focus, zoom and iris (aperture), all with the gear pitch of 0.8M (module). The focus ring can rotate fully up to 200 degrees to facilitate precise focusing. This design makes the lenses comfortable to operate.

FUJINON lenses offered by Fujifilm have been used at movie / CM / TV production sites around the world for their advanced scene-depicting capability. Tapping into its optical, high-precision processing and assembly technologies that have been nurtured over the years in the cutting-edge field of movie production, Fujifilm will introduce the “MK lens” series to the current lineup of the “HK / ZK / XK lenses” to meet the diverse needs at the movie production frontlines

MK18-55mm Features

Focal length: 18-55mm
Zoom ratio: 3.0 x
F-No.: F2.75
T-No.: T2.9
Image size: 24.84mm × 13.97mm(φ28.5mm)
M.O.D.: 0.85m  (0.38m in the macro mode)
Object dimensions (at M.O.D.) 16:9 aspect ratio:  18mm: 924mm x 520mm / 55mm: 291mm x 164mm
Angle of view 16:9 aspect ratio:  18mm: 69.2° x 42.4°  / 55mm: 25.5° x 14.5°
Number of iris blades: 9
Filter diameter: 82mm
Front diameter: 85mm
Length: 206.3mm
Weight (approximate): 980g
Lens Mount: E-Mount / MFT

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