Falcon Eyes RX-824-K1 Flexibel RGB LED Panel

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Falcon Eyes RX-824-K1 The all new  ROLL-FLEX 8-series is developed with an advanced... more
Product information "Falcon Eyes RX-824-K1 Flexibel RGB LED Panel"

Falcon Eyes RX-824-K1

The all new ROLL-FLEX 8-series is developed with an advanced lighting control system that can create a wide range of lighting effects with the RGBW technology.

The new lighting control system gives you flexibility to control color temperature stepless from 2800K to 10000K. color balance GM +1- 1.0 tuning. RGB colors adjustment, HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) colors adjustment. etc.

What’s more exciting is that the new ROLLFLEX 8-Series has a built-in Gel mode, which has with a variety of commonly use film colors lights from LEE and ROSCO filters. You will only need to select the filter code to quickly generate the color effect that you want to create.

The ROLLFELX 8-series has a built-in Effect mode with preset lighting effects like cop car light, candle light, lightning, etc. The program-free system can instantly create special lighting effects in studio environments.

In addition, it is equipped with high-resolution 16Bit PWM to DMX-512 signal output, and it supports DMX control system as well as smartphone application (APP) to allow even more possibilities for remote controlling.

With the new ROLLFLEX system, you can experience many possibilities for great studio setups that is able to project different light effects in an instant. Falcon Eyes will be providing continuous firmware upgrades to enable more stunning features in the future.


Color temperature adjustable from 2800K-10000K 
Color balance adjustable from G/M +/-0.1
Support RGB separate control 
Support HSI control 
Preset Rosco and LEE Filters 
Preset Effect mode 
Support firmware update 
Available for 16 bit DMX-512 and Smartphone Application control
CRI up to 95 and TLCI up to 93 
OLED Display 
Bluetooth 5.0 (APP) Remote Control (up to 25m control distance)
English / Chinese Language Setting

Technical data

Model No.: RX-824
LED : 384pcs x 0.5W (Daylight) / 384pcs x 1.5W (RGB)
Output Wattage : 150W
Color Temperature : 2800K - 10000K / RGB
Operating Voltage : AC 110-240V
Dimming : 0-100% Stepless Dimming / 0-255 Saturation Dimming
Beam Angle : 62 degree
CRI : Ra 95 / TLCI : 93
LUX (5600K with diffusor) : 0.5M 9880 / 1M 3128 / 2M 835
Size: 610 x 610mm
Weight : 2.75kg control box / 0.97kg mat
Included Accessories :  Softbox / Grid / Case

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