ewa-marine U-B100 Underwater housing for DSLR Cameras

DSLR camera underwater housing
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ewa-marine U-B100 The  ewa-marine U-B100 Underwater housing can be used on small boats,... more
Product information "ewa-marine U-B100 Underwater housing for DSLR Cameras"

ewa-marine U-B100

The ewa-marine U-B100 Underwater housing can be used on small boats, in the surf, while swimming, snorkeling or diving. It`s easy to operate the camera as its various components and buttons can be operated through the PVC.


The ewa-marine U-B100 is designed to fit almost all common, professional SLR cameras on the market today, irrespective of the manufacturer or model. It is designed primarilyfor the use with larger diameter lenses with a 77mm or 82mm filter thread.
With this housing, a whole new world of applications opens up for your standard SLR camera: Inside the housing you can now take the camera safely canoeing, snorkeling or even diving, up to a depth of 20 m / 60 ft.


The housing will accept all lenses with a filter thread of 82mm (with the optional CA82 adapter) or less. It comes, out of the box, with an adapter for 77mm filter thread. Depending on the lens, you should be able to use the housing with focal lengths of around 18mm to 19mm for a full-frame sensor camera. Using wider angle will result in vignetting, i.e. the corners of the picture getting dark an, if going even wider, the picture being taken "trough a tunnel". Naturally, this effect does not apply for cameras with a smaller sensor like APS-C, were vignetting would only start at more extreme wide angle settings and with lenses that do not have a filter thread and can therefore not be used in the housing.

If the optional BF1 lead weight is inserted into the housing, underneath the camera, it becomes even easier to reach the maximum depth. Experienced photographers have confirmed, that the auto focus and flash both continue to function perfectly. As you descend, the air is pressed into the camera. Due to this, the pressure inside the housing will remain the same as the surrounding water pressure. (this is the reason why ewa-marine housings are so safe to use: implosions are impossible) Due to this, we have to start the dive with a suitable amount of air inside the housing. The foam pads supplied with the housing are part of this air "reservoir" and additional air should also be blown into the housing, via the valve at the rear, to ensure that the maximum potential volume is being utilized.

ewa-marine U-B100 Technical data

overall maximum width of camera: 170 mm max.
length of camera PLUS lens: 185 mm max
housing hight: 165 mm
max. filter diameter: 82 mm
weight: 400g

In the box

CA-77 Adapter
sachet of Camera-Dry silica-gel
foam padding (can be removed to accommodate battery grip or weights)

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