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BP to V-Mt plate direct mount for RED Komodo, Leaves the camera’s DC input available for AC power and battery hot-swap, When used with “smart” batteries that pass SMBUS data like Core SWX batteries, the camera will read battery...
€236.81 *
Net Price €199.00
core swx CXV-C3MK core swx CXV-C3MK Canon EOS Cine V-Mt plate
The Core SWX CXV-C3MK v-mount plate is specifically designed for select Canon EOS Cine cameras that accept DC 4-pin XLR input including the Canon C300 Mark III and Canon C500 Mark II. It directly mounts to the accessory bay on the rear...
€296.31 *
Net Price €249.00
The Core SWX RMV-KOM2 is a 15mm rod mount bracket with v-mount battery plate. The bracket works with all v-mount battery packs to provide a secure mounting surface for your rig setup.
€291.55 *
Net Price €245.00
Core SWX NANO Micro V-Mt Core SWX NANO Micro 98Wh Lithium-Ion Battery...
Core SWX NANO-V98 is the perfect “grab and go” pack for the majority of powering applications. Capable of handling up to a 10A load, consider these packs for lighter camera powering applications, on-board monitors, recorders, wirless...
€320.11 *
Net Price €269.00
Core SWX PBE-A7FZ Core SWX PBE-A7FZ Powerbase EDGE V-Mount...
SKU: PBE-A7FZ / Core SWX PBE-A7FZ is a small Form Cine V-Mount Battery Pack 49wh, 14.8v with Sony A7 FZ100 Battery Cable. The follow-up to the highly successful Powerbase70, the Powerbase Edge is a feature-rich "small-form" Cine and DSLR...
€238.00 *
Net Price €200.00
TorchLED Bolt 300 3x Light Kit Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 300 3x Light Kit
SKU: TL-BT300K / 3 x Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 300 Bi-Color LED Light, 3 x NP-F Battery, 3 x Swivel Shoe Mount, 1/4"-20, 3 x Magnetic Diffusion Filter, 3 x PowerTap Cable, 3 x Light Stand, Multi Battery Charger, Wireless Remote Control,...
€891.31 *
Net Price €749.00
Core SWX TL-BT300 TorchLED Bolt 300 Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 300 On-Camera Light
The TorchLED Bolt 300 leverages a patented Refractory Lens Technology providing a 300W equivalent light output. It draws 13W of power and includes a separate on/off switch.
€296.31 *
Net Price €249.00
Core SWX NEO 150 Mini V-Mt Core SWX NEO-150S NEO 150 Mini V-Mountt
SKU: NEO-150S / 147wh, 14.8v Lithium Ion battery, 16A Peak / 12A continuous load, RFID Voltbridge data, Totally new internal build, more robust and easier to service, SMBUS & RED Data communication to camera, ‘Helix’ style LCD, Gold and...
€612.85 *
Net Price €515.00
Core SWX Hypercore NEO Slim Core SWX NEOS-98S Hypercore NEO Slim 98Wh...
SKU: NEOS-98S / Hypercore NEO Slim is a compact 14.8V, 98Wh lithium-ion V-mount battery that supports a constant 12A draw and peak draw of 16A
€285.60 *
Net Price €240.00
Core SWX Battery Plate for Sony PXW-FX9 Core SWX CXV-FX9 Battery Plate for Sony PXW-FX9...
SKU: CXV-FX9 / The CXV-FX9 mounts directly to the back of the Sony PXW-FX9, as an alternative power option to the Sony XDCA-FX9. The milled aluminum product inserts into the battery slot of the camera and also attaches into the top of...
€593.81 *
Net Price €499.00
Helix PMC Direct Mount for ARRI Core SWX Helix Power Management Control Direct...
SKU: HLX-PMC-V / The HLX-PMC-V mounts directly to ARRI cameras, and has a v-mount front. It also accepts standard V-mount 14v battery packs (not for ARRI LF applications).
€1,142.40 *
Net Price €960.00
PMC Mount Plate for Red Ranger Core SWX Helix Power Management Control Mount...
SKU: HLX-RR-V / The HLX Power Management Control mount plates take power management concerns away from the camera, and provide a “hot swappable” platform between on-board and block battery/AC mains, while providing transparency to the AC...
€1,059.10 *
Net Price €890.00
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