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Core SWX Nano Micro 150 3S Core SWX NANO-G150 Nano Micro 150 3S
SKU: NANO-G150 / The packs feature an on-board unregulated p-tap which can be used to power most 12vdc devices, as well as doubling as a charge input port. The packs also include a 5V, 3A USB.
€499.80 *
Net Price €420.00
Core SWX Nano Micro 150 VM Core SWX NANO-V150 Nano Micro 150 VM
SKU: NANO-V150 / The Nano Micro series offer some of the smallest style packs on the market today. The Nano Micro 150 measures in at less than 4″ in height and 3″ in depth, while weighing a feathery 1.55 lbs., making it a perfect “grab...
€499.80 *
Net Price €420.00
core swx PBE-BMPC6KP Core SWX PB-EDGE PowerBase EDGE Sony L for BMD...
SKU: PBE-BMPC6KP / Core SWX PB-EDGE for BMD Pocket 6K Pro is a Small Form Cine V-Mount Battery Pack 49wh, 14.8v with p-tap charger and adapter cable
€327.25 *
Net Price €275.00
core swx CXV-C3MK core swx CXV-C3MK Canon EOS Cine V-Mt plate
The Core SWX CXV-C3MK v-mount plate is specifically designed for select Canon EOS Cine cameras that accept DC 4-pin XLR input including the Canon C300 Mark III and Canon C500 Mark II. It directly mounts to the accessory bay on the rear...
€383.18 *
Net Price €322.00
BP to V-Mt plate direct mount for RED Komodo, Leaves the camera’s DC input available for AC power and battery hot-swap, When used with “smart” batteries that pass SMBUS data like Core SWX batteries, the camera will read battery...
€236.81 *
Net Price €199.00
The Core SWX RMV-KOM2 is a 15mm rod mount bracket with v-mount battery plate. The bracket works with all v-mount battery packs to provide a secure mounting surface for your rig setup.
€291.55 *
Net Price €245.00
Core SWX NANO Micro V-Mt Core SWX NANO Micro 98Wh Lithium-Ion Battery...
Core SWX NANO-V98 is the perfect “grab and go” pack for the majority of powering applications. Capable of handling up to a 10A load, consider these packs for lighter camera powering applications, on-board monitors, recorders, wirless...
€320.11 *
Net Price €269.00
Core SWX PBE-A7FZ Core SWX PBE-A7FZ Powerbase EDGE V-Mount...
SKU: PBE-A7FZ / Core SWX PBE-A7FZ is a small Form Cine V-Mount Battery Pack 49wh, 14.8v with Sony A7 FZ100 Battery Cable. The follow-up to the highly successful Powerbase70, the Powerbase Edge is a feature-rich "small-form" Cine and DSLR...
€238.00 *
Net Price €200.00
Core SWX TL-BT300 TorchLED Bolt 300 Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 300 On-Camera Light
The TorchLED Bolt 300 leverages a patented Refractory Lens Technology providing a 300W equivalent light output. It draws 13W of power and includes a separate on/off switch.
€296.31 *
Net Price €249.00
TorchLED Bolt 300 3x Light Kit Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 300 3x Light Kit
SKU: TL-BT300K / 3 x Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 300 Bi-Color LED Light, 3 x NP-F Battery, 3 x Swivel Shoe Mount, 1/4"-20, 3 x Magnetic Diffusion Filter, 3 x PowerTap Cable, 3 x Light Stand, Multi Battery Charger, Wireless Remote Control,...
€891.31 *
Net Price €749.00
Core SWX NEO 150 Mini V-Mt Core SWX NEO-150S NEO 150 Mini V-Mountt
SKU: NEO-150S / 147wh, 14.8v Lithium Ion battery, 16A Peak / 12A continuous load, RFID Voltbridge data, Totally new internal build, more robust and easier to service, SMBUS & RED Data communication to camera, ‘Helix’ style LCD, Gold and...
€612.85 *
Net Price €515.00
Core SWX Hypercore NEO Slim Core SWX NEOS-98S Hypercore NEO Slim 98Wh...
SKU: NEOS-98S / Hypercore NEO Slim is a compact 14.8V, 98Wh lithium-ion V-mount battery that supports a constant 12A draw and peak draw of 16A
€285.60 *
Net Price €240.00
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