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Chrosziel 401-EVA1 Chrosziel 401-EVA1 Light Weight Support for...
Chrosziel Light Weight Support for Panasonic AU-EVA1, with extensible Shoulder Pad, 2 Hirth Rosettes, V-Lock Plate, 401-EVA1-03 Tripod Adapter Plate, 2 rods Ø 15mm, length 205mm, (Optional: 401-EVA1-R-01 Rear Rod Clamp)
€743.75 *
Net Price €625.00
Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z Lens Motorization for...
Lens Motorization MK-Zoom is especially designed for Fujinon MK 18-55mm T2.9 & Fujinon MK 50-130mm T2. The mounting of the Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z is very comfortable. Just screw the two screws into the threads at the Fujinon lens
€1,581.51 *
Net Price €1,329.00
Chrosziel 700-GH5-EASY Chrosziel 700-GH5-EASY Camera Cage with Handle...
Chrosziel Camera Cage with Handle for Panasonic GH5 consisting of: 700-HANDLE: Handle with 3/8"+1/4" threads, easily detachable. Various positions possible. 700-GH5-CAGE: Cage also with 3/8"+1/4" threads
€343.91 *
Net Price €289.00
Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100M Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100M for Freefly...
Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100M with connector for Freefly MoVI Pro Gimbal Camera Stabilizer, 24V operating voltage, with cable 400mm length and Molex Micro-Fit 3 6pin connector plug
€1,010.31 *
Net Price €849.00
chrosziel 550-RO Chrosziel Articulating arm ROCKY (550-RO)
Chrosziel Articulating arm ROCKY with 2-step central clamp, with 1/4" thread and cold shoe adapter. The central clamp first fixes the articulation and second the ball pivot. The 90° slot is rotating and can be fixed.
€82.11 *
Net Price €69.00
Chrosziel QuickLock Tripod Plate Chrosziel 401-150 QuickLock Tripod Plate
Chrosziel QuickLock Tripod Plate for cameras with V-mount, 3/8" + 1/4" threads. Ultra-lightweight made of aircraft-grade aluminium, low-noise locking mechanism, play-free fixing of the camera by push and pull.
€708.05 *
Net Price €595.00
Chrosziel 401-C300MKII-03 Chrosziel 401-C300MKII-03 QuickLock FixingClamp...
SKU: 401-C300MKII-03 / Chrosziel 401-C300MKII-03 QuickLock FixingClamp for LWS 401-C300MKII for Ø 15 mm rods. Provides additional rod stability of the LWS 401-C300 MKII when used with QuickLock Plate (401-130)
€136.85 *
Net Price €115.00
Chrosziel 401-C300MKIIA Chrosziel Light Weight Support 401-C300MKIIA...
SKU: 401-C300MKIIA / Chrosziel Light Weight Support 401-C300MKIIA for Canon EOS C300MKII with sliding, detachable Shoulder Pad. For use also with BridgePlate 401-F235 or Quick-Lock Plates
€565.25 *
Net Price €475.00
Chrosziel 403-40 Chrosziel 403-40 Handgrip Extender Universal...
Universal Handgrip Extender with Hirth rosette for Canon EOS C700 and other cameras, extendable between 175 and 250mm
€505.75 *
Net Price €425.00
Chrosziel 401-C700 Chrosziel 401-C700 Light Weight Support with...
Light Weight Support for Canon EOS C700 with integrated shoulder pad, 2 rosettes, V-Lock for quick-release plate, rear rod clamp, Tripod Adapter Plate, 2 rods Ø 15mm, length 205mm.
€743.75 *
Net Price €625.00
Chrosziel C700-EXT-KIT Chrosziel C700-EXT-KIT Kit for Canon C700
Kit C700-EXT-KIT: Chrosziel’s unique Light Weight Support (401-C700) and the new Chrosziel Universal Handgrip Extender (403-40) turn your Canon C700 into a perfectly balanced shoulder-camera. Light-weight and easy to use, yet robust.
€1,184.05 *
Net Price €995.00
Chrosziel 401-F235 Chrosziel 401-F235 Bridge Plate DigiCine (19mm)
Verschiebeplatte mit Ø19mm Rohren, L= 440mm, für Sony F23, F35, F55, F65, Phantom Flex und mit LWS als Adapter f. Red Epic, Scarlet, Canon EOS C-Serie u.a.
€946.05 *
Net Price €795.00
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