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Chrosziel 401-EVA1 Chrosziel 401-EVA1 Light Weight Support for...
Chrosziel Light Weight Support for Panasonic AU-EVA1, with extensible Shoulder Pad, 2 Hirth Rosettes, V-Lock Plate, 401-EVA1-03 Tripod Adapter Plate, 2 rods Ø 15mm, length 205mm, (Optional: 401-EVA1-R-01 Rear Rod Clamp)
€649.60 *
Net Price €560.00
Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z Lens Motorization for...
Lens Motorization MK-Zoom is especially designed for Fujinon MK 18-55mm T2.9 & Fujinon MK 50-130mm T2. The mounting of the Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z is very comfortable. Just screw the two screws into the threads at the Fujinon lens
€1,541.64 *
Net Price €1,329.00
Chrosziel 700-GH5-EASY Chrosziel 700-GH5-EASY Camera Cage with Handle...
Chrosziel Camera Cage with Handle for Panasonic GH5 consisting of: 700-HANDLE: Handle with 3/8"+1/4" threads, easily detachable. Various positions possible. 700-GH5-CAGE: Cage also with 3/8"+1/4" threads
€335.24 *
Net Price €289.00
Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100M Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100M for Freefly...
Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100M with connector for Freefly MoVI Pro Gimbal Camera Stabilizer, 24V operating voltage, with cable 400mm length and Molex Micro-Fit 3 6pin connector plug
€984.84 *
Net Price €849.00
Chrosziel QuickLock Tripod Plate Chrosziel 401-150 QuickLock Tripod Plate
Chrosziel QuickLock Tripod Plate for cameras with V-mount, 3/8" + 1/4" threads. Ultra-lightweight made of aircraft-grade aluminium, low-noise locking mechanism, play-free fixing of the camera by push and pull.
€626.40 *
Net Price €540.00
chrosziel 550-RO Chrosziel Articulating arm ROCKY (550-RO)
Chrosziel Articulating arm ROCKY with 2-step central clamp, with 1/4" thread and cold shoe adapter. The central clamp first fixes the articulation and second the ball pivot. The 90° slot is rotating and can be fixed.
€80.04 *
Net Price €69.00
Chrosziel 401-C300MKII-03 Chrosziel 401-C300MKII-03 QuickLock FixingClamp...
SKU: 401-C300MKII-03 / Chrosziel 401-C300MKII-03 QuickLock FixingClamp for LWS 401-C300MKII for Ø 15 mm rods. Provides additional rod stability of the LWS 401-C300 MKII when used with QuickLock Plate (401-130)
€133.40 *
Net Price €115.00
Chrosziel 401-C300MKIIA Chrosziel Light Weight Support 401-C300MKIIA...
SKU: 401-C300MKIIA / Chrosziel Light Weight Support 401-C300MKIIA for Canon EOS C300MKII with sliding, detachable Shoulder Pad. For use also with BridgePlate 401-F235 or Quick-Lock Plates
€551.00 *
Net Price €475.00
Chrosziel C700-EXT-KIT Chrosziel C700-EXT-KIT Kit for Canon C700
Kit C700-EXT-KIT: Chrosziel’s unique Light Weight Support (401-C700) and the new Chrosziel Universal Handgrip Extender (403-40) turn your Canon C700 into a perfectly balanced shoulder-camera. Light-weight and easy to use, yet robust.
€1,154.20 *
Net Price €995.00
Chrosziel 401-F235 Chrosziel 401-F235 Bridge Plate DigiCine (19mm)
Verschiebeplatte mit Ø19mm Rohren, L= 440mm, für Sony F23, F35, F55, F65, Phantom Flex und mit LWS als Adapter f. Red Epic, Scarlet, Canon EOS C-Serie u.a.
€922.20 *
Net Price €795.00
Chrosziel 403-40 Chrosziel 403-40 Handgrip Extender Universal...
Universal Handgrip Extender with Hirth rosette for Canon EOS C700 and other cameras, extendable between 175 and 250mm
€493.00 *
Net Price €425.00
Chrosziel 403-30 Chrosziel 403-30 Set Leather Handles
Set Leather Handles, retrectable, swiveling and rotatable handles with HIRTH rosettes connection. Ergonomically shaped hand piece made from genuine leather. Attachable to all cameras and supports with the industry standard rosettes with...
€342.20 *
Net Price €295.00
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