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Hollyand Cosmo 500 Hollyand Cosmo 500 WIRELESS HD VIDEO...
Hollyland Cosmo 500 Drahtloses Videoübertragungssystem – ein Sender (HDMI / SDI-Eingang inkl. Loop-out) und ein Empfänger (HDMI / SDI-Ausgang). Die Weiterentwicklung des Erfolgsmodells Cosmo400 mit zustäzlichen Features und neuem Design.
€2,021.81 * with VAT
€1,699.00 without VAT

Hollyland COSMO 600 Hollyland COSMO 600 Wireless HDMI/SDI...
SKU: Cosmo600 / In a lighter, slimmer design than the COSMO 400, the Hollyland COSMO 600 allows you to transmit an HDMI/SDI signal up to 600' to an HDMI or dual SDI outputs. The transmitter/receiver set supports up to 1080p60 signals...
€2,380.00 * with VAT
€2,000.00 without VAT

Teradek SPHERE-361 Teradek SPHERE-361 Wireless 360º Real-Time...
Wireless 360º Real-Time HD-SDI Video Monitoring, Supports any 4 or 8 camera HD-SDI rig, Free live stitching software for iPads, no PC required, Monitor at less than 4 frames latency
From €4,414.90 * with VAT
€3,710.00 without VAT

Teradek SPHERE-360 Teradek SPHERE-360 Wireless 360º Real-Time HDMI...
Teradek Sphere is a unique combination of hardware and software featuring a patent-pending video processing platform for iOS and OSX. By dynamically adjusting each camera’s white balance, tint, exposure and lens distortion in real-time
From €3,308.20 * with VAT
€2,780.00 without VAT

Teradek Bolt 10K Transceiver Set Teradek Bolt 10K 3G-SDI/HDMI Video Transceiver Set
Teradek Bolt 10K Transceiver Set includes: 1 x BOLT 3000 3G-SDI | HDMI TRANSMITTER, 1 x Bolt 10KHD-SDI/HDMI Wireless RX
€13,209.00 * with VAT
€11,100.00 without VAT

Teradek BOLT 3000 Transmitter Teradek BOLT-996 3000 3G-SDI/HDMI Transmitter
With highly refined software, new wireless radios, and a redesigned chassis, these new models are the most reliable and capable monitoring solutions we have ever built
€6,307.00 * with VAT
€5,300.00 without VAT

Teradek Bolt 10K HD-SDI HDMI Wireless RX Teradek Bolt 10K HD-SDI/HDMI Wireless RX
Teradek Bolt 10K is an ultra high-performance, zero-delay video receiver with a range of 10,000 feet. The RX is compatible with Bolt 3000 transmitters and functions seamlessly alongside 3000 receivers, Sidekick II, and the 703 Bolt.
From €8,205.05 * with VAT
€7,400.00 without VAT

Teradek Serv Pro Teradek Serv Pro
Teradek Serv Pro is a hardware streaming device that allows up to 10 iPhones and iPads to monitor a video feed in HD over WiFi. Perfect for script supervisors, hair & makeup, classrooms, and documentary shoots
€1,999.20 * with VAT
€1,680.00 without VAT

teradek COLR Duo Camera Control Bridge Teradek COLR Duo Camera Control Bridge / LUT Box
Teradek COLR Duo is a wireless camera control bridge and 2 channel LUT box, with support for 2 independent 33pt 3D LUTs. COLR Duo integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, allowing DITs and colorists to give everyone the right look.
€1,654.10 * with VAT
€1,390.00 without VAT

Teradek BIT-118 Teradek BIT-118 2-Pin Lemo to PowerTap Cable
SKU: BIT-118 / Teradek 2-Pin Connector to PowerTap, 18inch Cable
€119.00 * with VAT
€100.00 without VAT

Teradek VidiU Pro Teradek VidiU Pro
Live Wireless HD Streaming to any Online Video Platform. Teradek VidiU Pro is the ultimate live streaming device for production companies, churches, schools, and businesses looking to bring their content live online from any location...
€833.00 * with VAT
€700.00 without VAT

Paralinx Tomahawk2 SDI Transmitter PARALINX Tomahawk 2 Dual SDI/HDMI Transmitter
The Paralinx Tomahawk2 has a range of up to 2000 feet** (600m) and maintains an incredible <1ms latency glass-to-glass. Both the transmitter and receiver feature 2-Pin power connectors and the transmitter features a wide 6-28V input...
€4,194.75 * with VAT
€3,525.00 without VAT

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