CamDo Blink Time Lapse Controller for GoPro HERO4 / HERO3+

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CamDo Blink Time Lapse Controller for GoPro HERO4 / HERO3+ CamDo Blink Time Lapse Controller... more
Product information "CamDo Blink Time Lapse Controller for GoPro HERO4 / HERO3+"

CamDo Blink Time Lapse Controller for GoPro HERO4 / HERO3+

CamDo Blink Time Lapse Controller is CamDo’s latest GoPro time lapse and motion detection controller for HERO4 and HERO3+ cameras. It is a low power, WiFi enabled GoPro accessory that unlocks the full potential of the GoPro camera. Use CamDo Blink to achieve long term time lapse or motion detection for your next project. Just plug it into your GoPro and use the Blink app to connect and configure up to 10 separate time lapse schedules using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any WiFi enabled device which has a web browser (no cell service or internet connection required).

Quick & Easy Set-Up

Get Blink up and running in less than 2 minutes. While typically used with our Outdoor Enclosures to also house extra battery packs, Blink will also fit inside the extended backdoors included in the GoPro Back Door Kit that are designed to fit GoPro BacPac accessories.

Simple Configuration for Complete Control

Intuitive web interface makes scheduling Blink a breeze. Customize a daily or weekly schedule to program up to 10 separate schedules for either time lapse or motion detection in photo, day, night, burst or video modes.

Low Power Consumption

Blink powers your GoPro camera down between intervals, increasing the battery life significantly and giving you the ability to undertake long term time lapse sequences. Blink is powered from the GoPro battery and does not require a separate power source.

Email Home with Blink Email

Blink can e-mail you every day to confirm it is still operating - how many shots were taken since the last e-mail, what is the battery status, what is the SD card status - everything to give you peace of mind your system is working.

No Camera Firmware Update Required

Blink doesn’t require a complicated camera firmware update process. Just ensure your HERO3+ or HERO4 camera is up to date with the latest firmware from the GoPro website or through the GoPro App for iOS and Android.

Motion Detection

Motion detection schedules can be programmed to only be active only during certain times of day to avoid capturing unneeded footage and conserve power

Blink Overview

1. USB: Blink can be powered from the GoPro camera's battery through the HERO Port and does not need to be powered separately. Blink's USB interface is used for firmware updates
2. LED: This provides feedback to the user during operation, as well as for firmware updates
3. Port 1: This input accepts the Wired Remote or other custom trigger. The Wired Remote is used to turn WiFi On/Off, as well as provide LED feedback during operation.
4. Port 2: The X-Band Motion Detector accessory plugs directly into this input. Support for other accessories such as a PIR sensor will be added in the future. Do not connect anything other than the motion detector cable into this input!


In the box

A. CamDo Blink
B. Wired Remote
C. USB OTG Cable (for future updates)
D. X-Band Motion Detector (optional purchase)



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