Benro 100x150mm Resin Soft GND 3-stop

benro UNGND8S1015
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Benro Universal 100 x 150mm Resin (Soft) GND (3-Stop) SKU: UNGND8S1015 Benro Universal 100... more
Product information "Benro 100x150mm Resin Soft GND 3-stop"

Benro Universal 100 x 150mm Resin (Soft) GND (3-Stop)


Benro Universal 100 x 150mm Resin (Soft) GND (3-Stop) is a Soft Grad GND filter, which are used to balance the light ratios between upper and lower sky and foregrounds without the sharp separation offered by Hard Grad filters.

The Benro 100x150mm Resin Soft GND 3-stop filter will darken the brightest portion of the sky and delicately balance it with the rest of the image.

It also allows for longer exposure times to bring out detail of dark areas in the foreground.


PMMA Optical Resin
High definition optical technology with precision ground surfaces, ensures perfect clarity with zero loss of quality.
Advanced Dyeing technology for ultra-low colour shift.
Leading WMC (Waterproof Multi-layered Coating) protects filter from scratches, liquids and oils.
Graduation area fully optimized for superior performance against competitors.

PMMA – Resin used in the Benro Universal square filter range is a hard-wearing shock-resistant material perfectly suited to heavy extended use. A cost-effective alternative to glass filters, perfect for photographers that are keen to advance their photographic skills. Resin filters are generally more susceptible to scratches and marks than glass filters, but can be dropped or bent without breaking.

HD – High Definition optical technology. Precisely ground optical glass ensures that surfaces are parallel, allowing the light entering the lens through the filter to do so in a straight line, maximizing image and light quality.

ADT – Advanced dyeing technology reduces the issues of colour shift found with other resin filters. Benro Universal Series filters guarantee Low Colour Shift through digital calculation comparisons for improved neutrality of resin graduation coatings.

WMC – Waterproof Multi-layered Coating is applied to filter surfaces to create an ultra-smooth, hardened anti-scratch finish. The clear coating will repel dirt and liquids and will also allow for quick easy cleaning of the filter surface.

Precise Graduation – Benro Universal Series filters offer an optimized gradient region for ultimate control of light and dark. Graduation coating is extended to ensure best coverage balance is in the centre of the filter.

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