ASTORA WS 840B Bi-Color Panel

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ASTORA WS 840B Bi-Color Panel The ASTORA WS is the most portable light from our series and... more
Product information "ASTORA WS 840B Bi-Color Panel"

ASTORA WS 840B Bi-Color Panel

The ASTORA WS is the most portable light from our series and your perfect travel companion, built to go wherever adventure takes you.

Integrated controls and battery adapter plate on the light head make it hassle free to setup and use. No cables or separate controls getting in the way.

Compact in height, the ASTORA WS features a widescreen aperture to maximize surface area to produce a soft light that wraps around its subjects.

As all Astora lights, the WS offers pristine color reproduction with a TLCI up to 98 and a CRI up to 97. Apart from all specs the Astora WS just renders colors accurately and naturally.

With its built-in NP-F battery plate the Astora WS can easily be powered by affordable NP-F type batteries.

The Astora WS is one of the brightest lights in its size-class, combinith the integrated wireless control you can easily adjust settings from anywhere, at any time.

Available as pure Daylight and Bi-color model, you can choose between maximum brightness at pure Daylight or ultimate flexibility to match ambient color temperatures quickly and accurately with the Bi-color model.

Also with high frame rates or shutter speeds the Astora SF Soft will deliver consistent lighting without flicker.

The metal housing of the Astora WS was designed and optimized for passive cooling through efficient internal airflow as well as acting as a heatsink, to operate fan-less and silent.

The Astora PS comes as a complete package including removable barn-doors, a remote controller for its wireless control and ready to go for your next job.

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