8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K Cage

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8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K Cage (HDMI & USB-C cable clamp not included) SKU:... more
Product information "8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K Cage"

8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K / 6K Cage (HDMI & USB-C cable clamp not included)


Second of two new 8Sinn`s camera cages for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K was created not only to serve as a solid cover to your camera but also to please the eye of all its users. 8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Cage was made as always from high quality air-aluminium, that minimize mechanical and other types of damages to minimum. 8Sinn unique structure together with Blackmagic Design lead to another beautiful and ergonomically shaped cage.

Ergonomic Design and Organic Shape

8Sinn always put emphasis on product`s design so that the 8Sinn cage didn't intrerfere with camera body structure at any point. Additionally, we can say with certainty that 8Sinn`s cages ergonomics has always been a strong side. Rounded edges and corners has been created to ensure safe and comfortable grip. Working with 8Sinn accessories is a pure joy.

One piece of aluminium

Solid cage shaped from one piece of air aluminium. Durable camera frame with no weak points in the structure.


Comfortably located strap holder allows to use a hand strap of your choice and ensures steady holding of the camera.

Cable Clamp

As every 8Sinn`s cage, this one is also equipped with HDMI Cable Clamp that was designed to protect and keep in place the HDMI cable plugin. Clamp can be adjusted to different brand`s plugs sizes, by expanding two parts of the clamp.

Easy access to battery and card's openings

Every user exploits his camera diferently, but everyone requires smooth and undisturbed access to every button, plug and opening placed on the camera`s surface - 8Sinn meets such needs. Due to significant dimensions of the camera itself, the cage was equipped with two mounting screws (upper and lower). Besides those two screws, 8Sinn has placed additional pins on the inside surface of the cage - these pins are dedicted to cages' bottom openings - their task is to prevent the camera body from twisting/sliding after being mounted on the cage.

Mounting Points & COLD SHOE

One of cage`s tasks is to protect your camera from being damaged by precisely enclosing it. 8Sinn cage protects your gear, but above all it will expand its possibilities. Surface of the cage is covered with 1/4 threaded mounting points - their amount and location allow the cameraman variuos camera accessories arrangement.

Set includes

1 x 8Sinn BM Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Cage
1 x Anti-twist locking pins

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