Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x Z-FIND-PRO2

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Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x Z-FIND-PRO2 The Z-Finder Pro 2.5x is an optical viewfinder that... mehr
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Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x


The Z-Finder Pro 2.5x is an optical viewfinder that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video. This Z-finder will magnify the LCD screen by 2.5x and has a diopter for specific focus tuning. It cuts out any extraneous light and offers an initial point of stability by pressing your eye against our comfy, large eyecup. The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x comes with a 40mm diameter Zacuto optical designed lens, anti-fog coated protective covers, and a mounting system designed for 3” LCD screens. (A 3.2” version is available.) The diopter allows you to dial in the focus to match your eye. If you need extra focal points you can use the included Z-Finder Extender Frames. These are semi-permanent stackable frames that attach to the body of the Z-Finder Pro and extend the Z-Finder glass further away from the LCD screen for people who are farsighted. 

The 2.5x magnification is recommended in particular for users who are near sighted and may have problems seeing long distances. The Z-Finder Pro 2.5x has a diopter range of -4.75 and up (unlimited with extender frames). Users with 20/20 vision can use either magnification. It is a personal preference. This is the model we use with our electronic viewfinder packages. Your camera model is irrelevant when choosing between the 2.5x and 3x magnifications. If you are particularly far sighted (wear strong reading glasses) or are just looking for the biggest magnification possible we recommend the Z-Finder Pro 3x. 

The Z-Finder Pro attaches to your camera with the included Gorilla Baseplate and Z-Finder 3" Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies. (The Z-Finder Mounting Frame can also be attached to our DSLR Baseplate). The Gorilla Baseplate attaches to the bottom of your camera using a ¼ 20” screw and has ¼ 20” screw holes underneath to attach a tripod plate. The metal Z-Finder Mounting Frame attaches to the Gorilla Baseplate using the provided red thumb screws. The Z-finder itself pops on and off the Z-finder Mounting frame. No magnets or glue are used. The metal Z-Finder Mounting Frame is backed with rubber to prevent scratching or slippage. If you want to remove the entire mounting frame from your camera, you can do so by loosening the thumb screws and pulling up on the metal mounting frame to release.

Z-Finder Pro includes

Z-Finder Pro loupe with 2.5x magnification and diopter
Three (3) Extender Frames
Gorilla Baseplate and 3” Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies (Canon 5D M2/7D/60D-Nikon D300/D90/D7000 type cameras)
Lanyard and Lanyard Hook 
Lens Cap, Sun Mask, and protective boot
Z-Finder Dust Cover

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