Wooden Camera Quick Back (RED DSMC2)

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Wooden Camera Quick Back (RED DSMC2) SKU: 214000 The new Quick Back (Weapon) allows for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wooden Camera Quick Back (RED DSMC2)"

Wooden Camera Quick Back (RED DSMC2)

SKU: 214000

The new Quick Back (Weapon) allows for any standard V-Mount plate or Gold Mount plate to be attached directly to the back of the RED Weapon camera or to the back of the Base Expander and REDvolt Expander without tools! Simply turn the four knurled thumbscrews to lock it into place. The Quick Back (Weapon) is designed to be compatible with Wooden Camera's previous battery plates for Epic and Scarlet like the WC V-Mount (Epic/Scarlet) and WC Gold Mount (Epic/Scarlet) which will help users transition from one camera to the next. Wooden Camera will also be offering a cable-less WC V-Mount (Weapon) and WC Gold Mount (Weapon) that provides power to the camera via the 13 pin pogo connector on the back. This will be available as a user installable upgrade.

Regarding configuration of the device, V-Mount plates can be attached in two different ways by repositioning the smaller component. The "low" mode places the battery plate even with the top of the camera body. The "high" mode places the battery plate even with the bottom of the back face of the camera. For Gold Mount plates, there are three options. The same "high" and "low" modes but also a "middle" configuration where the smaller component is not used at all.

Note that what is shown in the photos are prototypes but the final version will look almost identical. The pogo pin versions are shown for illustration purposes and are subject to change.


4 x m3x5mm socket screws
4 x  m3x8mm phillips screws
4 x m3x12mm phillips screws

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