Wooden Camera Pocket Cage

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Wooden Camera Pocket Cage SKU: 168800 Wooden Camera Pocket Cage turns the Blackmagic... mehr
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Wooden Camera Pocket Cage

SKU: 168800

Wooden Camera Pocket Cage turns the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera into a production-ready tool. It attaches by two screws, one on the top with two locating pins and one one on the bottom with an additional two locating pins making it extremely secure. There are multiple mounting points on all sides allowing easy attachment of a tripod plate, accessories, or other production rigging. The battery door can open easily allowing access for SD card and battery changes.

Combine Wooden Camera Pocket Cage with Pocket 15mm Base for lightweight 15mm support.


1/4-20 holes - in standard spacing (9mm center to center)
3/8-16 holes - for larger accessories and tripod mounting

Pocket Cage Includes

2 x 1/4-20 x 3/8" screw

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