Vocas Universal MFC-1 kit (0500-2300)

vocas universal mfc-1 kit
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Vocas Universal MFC-1 kit SKU: 0500-2300 What is included MFC-1 Drive Gear M0,8x46... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vocas Universal MFC-1 kit (0500-2300)"

Vocas Universal MFC-1 kit

SKU: 0500-2300

What is included

Drive Gear M0,8x46
Flexible gear ring, with 2 movable stops

This compact follow focus system, the MFC-1, enables you to control the focus with more precision. Made from machined aluminum and other high-tech materials, this follow focus is up to the level of the most demanding camera man.

Attaches directly to the 15 mm light weight support with a quick-lock clamper. Compact and affordable enough to use on DV cameras, yet professional enough to use on high end cameras.

Vocas 0500-2300 Specifications

Integrated rotation stops
15mm rail attachement
Reversable rotation direction

When the MFC-1 is used on 15mm lightweight rails at the standard height (85mm from the centre of the lens), the maximum compatible diameter of the focus barel is 114mm.


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