Vocas MFC-2S CINE kit (0500-3100)

vocas mfc-2s cine kit
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Vocas MFC-2S CINE kit SKU: 0500-3100 Basic MFC-2 kit for CINE style lenses that have a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vocas MFC-2S CINE kit (0500-3100)"

Vocas MFC-2S CINE kit

SKU: 0500-3100

Basic MFC-2 kit for CINE style lenses that have a large focus range. This follow focus kit has a gear ratio of 1:1.75. What is included

MFC-2 Gear unit 1:1.75 ratio
MFC-2 Knob standard
MFC-2S 15 mm snap-on bracket


The modular design of the MFC-2S follow focus enables this new follow focus to be used with CINE cameras as well as with DSLR cameras. Simply by choosing the right gear ratio.

The biggest innovation is the integrated palm support of the Limited Edition kits. The palm support makes it possible to focus the lens and balance the camera at the same time, using one hand!

The newly designed Vocas knobs for the MFC-2S have a perfect grip, not too small, not too big. You can choose out of an assortment of four models; with or without a stop and wood (Limited Edition) or industial plastic (Delrin®).

Even mounting the Vocas MFC-2S on a fully loaded rig is an easy job. The Vocas snap-on bracket is very easy to mount and on top of that adjustable! After mounting the snap-on bracket to the rods the distance to the lens is simple to adjust.

Another unique feature of the Vocas MFC-2S is its high adjustability. The reversible rotation direction is easy to adjust, just like the height, the angle and the position.

Arri drive gears are compatible to the Vocas MFC-2S gear units!

The wooden parts of the MFC-2S are made of walnut wood. These parts are oiled with a paraffin based oil. Lubrication of  these wooden parts from time to time keeps  them in good shape.

Vocas 0500-3100 Specifications

Two differrent gear ratios, 1:1 and 1:1.75
Reversible rotation direction
Angle and two horizontal adjustment possibilities
Optional adjustable hard stop
Snap-on 15 mm bracket
Optional wooden palm support
Optional wooden focus knob

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