Vocas MB-455 Clip-On Matte Box (0400-0455)

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Vocas MB-455 Clip-On Matte Box SKU: 0400-0455 Packed with features that protect your camera... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vocas MB-455 Clip-On Matte Box (0400-0455)"

Vocas MB-455 Clip-On Matte Box

SKU: 0400-0455

Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance creativity, this mattebox is perfect for any EFP/HD/film production. This mattebox is the biggest Vocas mattebox currently available.

It comes standard with two fully rotatable 5,65”x5,65” filter trays as well as one fixed 4”x5.65” tray. It also features a rigid compartment in the front end of the mattebox that can house either a matte, a fourth filterframe or the new patented tilt filter unit. Three filterframes are included with the base MB-455 set.

Just like most other Vocas matteboxes, the Vocas MB-455 also includes a top-flag and externally operated patented eyebrows.

Vocas 0400-0455 Specifications

For use with up to 5 filters (3 fully rotatable).
Made to fit the new filter standard 5,65"X5,65" or smaller.
Fits on large diameter lenses (up to 143 mm.)
Optional Tilted filter frame.
Newly designed and patented flag fixation.
Externally operated patented Eyebrows.
Exchangeable matte system.
Optional Swing away bracket for either 15mm lightweight rails, 19mm rails or 15mm studio rails.
The MB-455 can also be used as Clip-on or on 15mm lightweight rails support and barsadapter.
Weight of the mattebox with filterframes: 850 grams.

What's in the box

MB-455 Mattebox
Top flag medium (42 cm wide) #0430-0004
1 x Filter holder 121 mm wide 4"x5,65" #0410-0001
1 x Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 4"x4" / 4"x5,65" horizontal #0410-0002
1 x Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 5,65"x5,65" / 4"x5,65" Vertical #0410-0003

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