Vocas MB-436 matte box (0400-0436)

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Vocas MB-436 matte box SKU: 0400-0436 Packed with features that protect your camera and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vocas MB-436 matte box (0400-0436)"

Vocas MB-436 matte box

SKU: 0400-0436

Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance creativity, the Vocas MB-436 matte box is designed as a 4"x5.65" matte box with all the unique Vocas features but at an economical price and is perfectly compatible with big lenses and the latest large sensor and 3D camera.s

When the filter trays need to be rotated above standard 15 mm rails it is advised to use a swing away bracket for Vocas MB-436 matte box. This will allow the height of the rails to be lowered so the filter trays can rotate freely.


Two 4"x4" and 4"x5.65" combo filter frames, one rotatable
A fixed 4"x5.65" filter compartment in the hood (3rd filter)
Integrated side flag hinges in the hood
Internal eyebrows
The MB-436 can also be used as clip-on or on 15 mm top or bottom rails in combination with a barsadapter
Fits directly on lens diameters up to 143 mm
Swing away option for 15 mm and 19 mm rails
Many step down adapter rings available including a new flexible adapter ring
Total weight of the matte box only: 600 grams

What's in the box

MB-436 Matte box
Top flag compact (38 cm wide)  0430-0003
2pc. Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 4"x4" / 4"x5,65" horizontal 0410-0010

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