TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator OLED Monitor-Recorder (metadata agregator)

TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator
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TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator Monitor only - PN 917TS0142 / EAN 3700592604552 Despite... mehr
Produktinformationen "TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator OLED Monitor-Recorder (metadata agregator)"

TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator

Monitor only - PN 917TS0142 / EAN 3700592604552

Despite of its small form factor, the TransVideo StarliteHD-m is an advanced electronic toolbox. This remarkable monitor provides the necessary tools, whatever the job or the requirement:

For the focus puller (zoom, peaking, focus puller view)
For the script assistant (record/playback, metadata view, PDF report)
For the user of stabilized equipment (virtual horizon)

But the essential power of the StarliteHD-m resides in its ability to gather information from the different smart devices it is connected to:

Metadata transmitted through the SDI signal
Camera information through the Ethernet link
Lens metadata through Cooke /i or Zeiss eXtended serial link

Lens file and post production

Recent developments of lenses give access to critical information: shading, distortion map, inertial data or illumination tables that are available through a direct serial connection.  Basic information are often available though the camera mount and transfered to the HD-SDI output but the advanced data, necessary for the post production and special FX must be collected directly from the lens.

The StarliteHD-m is the missing link - It agregates data from lenses and cameras. Files are generated onto a SD card and are immediately available to be processed through the plugins developped by the lens manufacturer, providing a non-negligible gain of time. No need of complicated software to do that.

A set of cables is all you need to recover the lens data

HD-SDI BNC cable

Basic lens information provided by Cooke /i, LDS (Arri)
Camera information from RDD18 (Sony) or ARRI protocol.

Lens Reader™

Cooke /i3, /i², /i and Zeiss eXtended basic and advanced metadata.

Ethernet cable

More information gathered to the metadata file.

TC in (Mini Jack 2.5mm)

Gather’s precise Time Code (LTC type) from the camera.


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