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tokina cinema atx 11-16mm
TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens
The compact, lightweight Tokina Cinema 11-16mm T3.0 is not just a simple rehousing of the critically-acclaimed still lens version, rather the lens designers re-engineered it to provide cinematographers the control and performance
ab 1.426,81 € * mit MwSt.
1.199,00 € ohne MwSt.

tokina cinema atx 50-135mm
TOKINA Cinema ATX 50-135mm T3 Telephoto Zoom Lens
The Tokina Cinema 50-135mm T3.0 delivers a highly versatile zoom range in a compact design. Tokina engineers have created a lens that is Parfocal, has dramatically reduced breathing and image shift
4.343,50 € * mit MwSt.
3.650,00 € ohne MwSt.

tokina cinema atx 16-28mm
TOKINA Cinema ATX 16-28mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens
The highly innovative Tokina Cinema 16-28mm T3.0 has beenre-engineered to meet the demanding needs of the professional cinematographer
3.867,50 € * mit MwSt.
3.250,00 € ohne MwSt.