TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens

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TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm:

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TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm Take it all in without taking a step back The compact,... mehr
Produktinformationen "TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens"

TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm

Take it all in without taking a step back

The compact, lightweight Tokina Cinema 11-16mm T3.0 is not just a simple rehousing of the critically-acclaimed still lens version, rather the lens designers re-engineered it to provide cinematographers the control and performance they have come to expect in lenses that cost 10 times as much. Engineered to offer superb optical 4K performance the 11-16mm T3.0 delivers sharp, consistent images throughout its zoom range by reducing breathing and maintaining focus throughout the zoom range (Parfocal). Its compact size gives you the flexabilty to use it in creative ways not possible with larger lens designs.

Independently geared zoom, focus and aperture controls for use in a variety of followfocus systems. Clear and bright lens markings make it easy to find the right setting.


TOKINA Cinema ATX 11-16mm Features

Par-Focal lens design allows you to maintain precise focus while using the zoom control.
Reduced breathing so you can focus on the scene and not the lens
Smooth, de-clicked, 9-bladed, curved iris.
Virtually no image shift when using the focus or zoom control during filming
Two SD (Super-Low Dispersion) glass elements and two aspheric lenses allow our proprietary optical design to achieve excellent
contrast and sharpness.
4K image ready.
Durable, compact, all-metal cine-style housing with geared manual zoom, focus and aperture rings for use in follow-focus systems.
Available Mounts: Canon EF and Micro 4/3.

Technical data

Focal Distance 11-16mm
Zoom Ratio 1.45:1
Optical Structure 11 groups /13 elements
Sensor Size Super 35mm
Minimum Focus Distance 0.35m (1.15ft)
Maximum Macro Magnification 1:11.6
Zoom Mode Rotary Zoom
Aperture/Iris Blades 9
Depth of Field T3.0 – T22 (F2.8 – F22)
Filter Size 77mm
Diameter of Front Head 84mm
Maximum Diameter 84mm
EF Mount 0.69kg
MFT Mount 0.78kg
Canon EF
Micro Four Thirds
Overall Length
EF Mount 97.9mm (from 91.7mm mount surface)
MFT Mount 120.7mm (from 116.5mm mount surface)


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