Sound Devices 702 High-Resolution Audio Recorder

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Sound Devices 702 Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder The  Sound Devices 702... mehr
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Sound Devices 702

Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder

The Sound Devices 702 two-track file-based digital audio recorder is designed for applications where high-resolution audio capture is essential in a portable, durable device. This compact recorder is known for pleasant-sounding, low-noise microphone preamplifiers, and the ability to record to convenient, removable Compact Flash cards.


Two-channels of Sound Devices next generation microphone preamps with phantom, limiters, and high-pass filters
Records to removable Compact Flash cards for convenient audio file storage; can also record directly to external FireWire drives
AES3 (XLR) or AES3id (unbalanced AES on BNC) digital inputs and AES3id outputs
Programmable, sunlight-viewable LED level metering
WAV format, mono or poly files, uncompressed PCM audio
24-bit or 16-bit (with or without dither) and sampling at 32 kHz-192 kHz
MP3, MP2 decoder, 64 to 320 kb/s stereo file
FLAC file recording and playback
FireWire (IEEE-1394) port for high-speed computer access to the Compact Flash card
6-pin modular C. Link serial input and output for unit linking and control with the CL-1
Removable Li-on rechargeable battery compatible with Sony M- and L-mount Li-on batteries
10–18 VDC external input powers and charges on-board battery
Aluminum & stainless-steel chassis for exceptional durability and light weight
Class-defining compact size
Designed for the same operational environmental extremes as Sound Devices field mixers

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