SmartSystem SmartSLIDER PRO 680

smartsystem smartslider pro 680
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SmartSystem SmartSLIDER PRO 680 SmartSLIDER PRO 680 , with its 680 mm of stroke is the best... mehr
Produktinformationen "SmartSystem SmartSLIDER PRO 680"

SmartSystem SmartSLIDER PRO 680

SmartSLIDER PRO 680, with its 680 mm of stroke is the best compromise in terms of stoke and portability.

SmartSLIDER PRO joins an unprecedented smoothness to an extreme strongness. With SmarSLIDER PRO is possible to move every kind of camera and to take advantage of its incredible payload-independent smoothness.

The SmartSLIDER PRO resistance is directly dependent on its structure: a main aluminum rail provided with two chromed steel bars is the perfect solution to avoid any kind of bending and drastically increase the resistance to any shock or extern agent.

The carriage sliding take place thanks to high viscosity ball bearings in which are setted Inox steel wheels to grant resistance and precision.

Thanks to its adjustable conical rubbers , SmartSLIDER can be placed on any surface, even the most delicate. The two 5 / 8 " holes placed on the sides let you fix quickly and safely your slider on common light stand. Compatible with the most popular video plates currently on the market, SmartSLIDER can also be used with standard tripods.

SmartSLIDER PRO can be fixed also through two tripods thanks to two additional connecting plates placed near the two lateral supports. The fixing plates are compatible with standard screws (1/4" and 3/8") and are designed to match the photographic plates currently on the market equipped with an anti-rotation pivot.

You can fix your SLIDER PRO in three different ways

Through two side stands
Through two tripods
Through a stand with 5/8" and a tripod

In the box

2 x Locking knobs
1 x 3mm Hex Key
1 x User Manual

Packing info

Size 112 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm
Weight 6.2 kg

Technical data

Stroke 680 mm
Height 100 mm
Length 880 mm
Width 180 mm
Weight 5.7 kg
Maximum load 20 kg
Tested with 200 kg
Ultra low friction ball bearings ok
Chrome plated Inox sliding bars ok
Inox wheels ok
3/8'' Inox Fix ok
Single tripod fixing ok
Double tripod fixing ok
Single tripod and monopod fixing ok
Double light stand fixing (5/8'' fixing holes) ok
Service brake ok
Upside-Down usage on double light stand ok

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