SmartSystem SmartSLIDER Atom 60

SmartSLIDER Atom 60
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SmartSystem SmartSLIDER Atom 60 SmartSLIDER Atom 60 , with its ultra light design, is the... mehr
Produktinformationen "SmartSystem SmartSLIDER Atom 60"

SmartSystem SmartSLIDER Atom 60

SmartSLIDER Atom 60, with its ultra light design, is the right solution for the videomaker who want to always carry with him the perfect tool for run&gun situation. Atom puts you in total control of your equipment enabling you to customize or upgrade your product by your very own needs.

Atom 60 slider is so light, that you do not have any more excuses to exclude a slider system from your backpack.


Sipmly the centre piece of the system
With a stainless steel camera fixing platform (3/8'' - 16), a solid brake and 3 x hole to accomodate the wheels
Set of screw to moderate the amount grip the wheels will have on the bar to allow the most calibration



Best in their class for smoothness and stress resistance
Made of a plastic compund that ensures you hours of pleasent rolling
Each wheel is secured by a corosion resistant stainless steel shaft



You cane use it in conjuction with the T-fix to have all the possibility of plaments. Use it on the ground or on any flat syrface. The know allows you a quick removal or to secure them in every location along the bar. Rubber dampener below the quarantee slip-free operations.



T-fix allow you to secure firmly the system on every tripod or camera head you want. 4 x 1/4'' - 20 and 1 x 3/8'' - 16 deep holes is all you need to work seamlessly with all of your existent equipment.



Made of aluminium, completely hollow to pursue the maximum lightness. Designed at FEM with maximum stiffness in mind. Startign from BAR 35 with a length of 350mm, various options will be available up to 750mm.

In the box

1 x Core
3 x Wheels
1 x BAR 60
1 x Feet
1 x T-fix
1 x PaddedBag 60


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