SmartSystem DigiMOTOR PRO

SmartSystem DigiMOTOR PRO
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SmartSystem DigiMOTOR PRO:

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SmartSystem DigiMOTOR PRO DigiMOTOR PRO is the motion kit especially designed to motirize... mehr
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SmartSystem DigiMOTOR PRO

DigiMOTOR PRO is the motion kit especially designed to motirize every SmartSLIDER PRO. An industrial motor (no stepper) inside a case milled from solid aluminum and two limits switch... This is DigiMOTOR PRO! Setting up DigiMOTOR PRO is a piece of cake as shown in the video on the left.

Set up the belt
Fixe the belt to the carriage
Tense the belt from del idle pulley
Connect the two limits switch
Connect your DigiDRIVE (Basic or Portable)

DigiMOTOR PRO is extremely powerful thanks to the usage of an industrial motor. In fact it's capable to smoothly move horizontally up to 30kg (tested up to 200 kg) and lift up in vertical up to 14 kg of payload without any twitch or vibration.

The usage of an high-resolution encoder guarantees a positioning angular precision of 0.000073 degrees. This value corresponds, on every SmartSLIDER PRO, to about 0.01 mm of linear positioning precision, a minimum speed of 0.08 mm/s. and a a maximum speed of 80 mm/s.

Take advantage of DigiMOTOR PRO precision to create amazing compositing effect without green screen.

SmartSystem DigiMOTOR PRO guarantees a perfect repeatibility of every movement allowing every videomaker to overimpose one or more clips to easy create interesting special effects.

Create beautiful shot move shot timelapse controlling the shutter of your camera with the DigiDRIVE (Basic or Portable).

DigiMOTOR PRO is fully compatible with every SmartSystem DigiDRIVE.

DigiDRIVE Basic
DigiDRIVE Portable

In the box

2 x Limit Switch
1 x Motor Cable
2 x Limit Switch Cables

Technical Specifications

Horizontal max payload 30 kg
Vertical max payload 14 kg
Max speed 70 mm/s
Min Speed 0.07 mm/s
Limit switch included


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