SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Portable

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SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Portable The DigiDRIVE Portable is not an evolution of the already... mehr
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SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Portable

The DigiDRIVE Portable is not an evolution of the already well-known SmartSystem's DigiDRIVE, it can be considered as its “younger brother”. DigiDRIVE Portable was born from the need of every videomaker to be lighter and less bulky as possible. Thanks to the integrated Li-Ion battery and to the soft padded bag included in the box, once bought, it will be impossible to leave it at home. Open the bag, connect whatever SmartSystem DigiMOTOR, turn on the DigiDRIVE Portable and... “start moving!”


Compact and portable motion control: the control is in your hand
Compatible with every SmartSystem DigiMOTOR
Integrated li-Ion battery (full charge time: 2 h)
Controls: velocity pot, movement joystick and control button.
Virtual limit switch and loop function
LapseLINK included for Shoot Move Shoot Timelapses
Padded bag included
Equipped with expansion port
Weight: 530 g
Sizes: 150 mm x 50 mm x 80 mm

DigiDRIVE Portable includes

1 x DigiDRIVE Portable
1 x Battery Charger for DigiDRIVE Portable
1 x LapseLINK Adapter
1 x Motion Kit Padded Bag

Packaging specifications

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm x 9 cm
Weight: 1.60  kg


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