SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Basic (V-Lock Plate)

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SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Basic V-Lock Plate High Quality Blueshape Vlock Plate Compatible with... mehr
Produktinformationen "SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Basic (V-Lock Plate)"

SmartSystem DigiDRIVE Basic V-Lock Plate

High Quality Blueshape Vlock Plate Compatible with all Vlock Batteries in the Market Multi-porpouse AUX XLR4 connection (power - charge - output)

In the traditional DigiDRIVE Basic the presence of a V-lock plate allows you to power the DigiDRIVE system either through your V-Lock battery pack or, thanks to the 4 pin XLR connector, through an external power source. The same connector can also be used as 14.8 V Power out. DigiDRIVE Basic Power Supply included in the box

Would you like to take advantage of the smoothness and precision of an advanced motion control? Now you can thaks to the application of industrial tecnologies inside the DigiDRIVE Basic. When connected to every DigiMOTOR (PRO, Reflex or 3), DigiDRIVE Basic can guarantee a positioning precision in the order of centimillimeters (tested on every SmartSystem's slider), that guarantees absolute repeatibility of every kind of movement, also in timelapse.

Thanks to the easy-to-use DigiCONTROL Mono it's possible to control and manage all the movement parameters of the DigiDRIVE Basic

Damping (Acceleration/Deceleration)
Maximum Speed
Joystick Sensitivity

DigiDRIVE Basic is fully compatible with every SmartSystem DigiMOTOR

DigiMOTOR Reflex

Thanks to the USB connection, you can connect your DigiDRIVE Basic to a PC or a MAC and considerably increase the functions of the DigiDRIVE:

You can record and faithfully play back your sequence shots.The self-positing control allows you to realize amazing compositing video effects.
Create Slowmotion, StopMotion and amazing Timelapse simply starting out from a recorded movement and presetting its final length.
Direct control of your camera. Set up of the exposure time, the focusing time and much, much more

What's included

1 x DigiDRIVE Basic with V-Lock plate
1 x DigiCONTROL Mono
1 x DigiCONTROL Silicone Cable
1 x Padded Bag


A real motion control in your hands
Remove any possible vibration from your clips
Reproduce recorded movements or use DigiCONTROL Mono to move every SmartSystem DigiMOTOR Kit
Move your camera with the precision of hundredths of a millimeter
Available with V-Lock standard plate or with embedded battery (AIO version)
Fully compatible with PC or MAC


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