smallHD 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick

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smallHD 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick SKU: MON-1703-P3X-SK-RX The 13RX and 17RX production... mehr
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smallHD 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick


The 13RX and 17RX production monitors provide cinematographers with an image they can trust. With high-performance display quality and the industry’s most reliable real- time wireless technology built-in, these ruggedly designed production monitors bring tremendous value while eliminating the number of accessories on set.

Equipped with a reference grade, daylight viewable display, and built-in Teradek wireless receiver, smallHD 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick is a 17-inch production monitor is a DIT’s dream. It’s literally a complete video village with a ruggedly built exterior. With color reproduction that rivals OLED technology and the ability to send real-time 3D LUTs downstream, the 17RX saves time, eliminates clutter and provides cinematographers with an accurate view of the post-production look. Features:

17 inch wireless production monitor with built in Sidekick II receiver
1920 x 1080 with 1000 nits bright
100% DCI-P3
Ability to send real-time 3D LUTs downstream
Input: 2x SDI, l x Wireless
Output: HDMI, 2x SDI
Power: 4-pin XLR in. 2-pin Locking out
Mounting: 6x ¼-20, 6x 3/s-16 Mounting points


Teradek Bolt 500, 1000, 3000
SmallHD TX monitors: FOCUS Bolt / Cine 7 500 TX


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