SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter

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SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter SKU: SLR-77RFWM The SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter... mehr
Produktinformationen "SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter"

SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter


The SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter is an optical device with integrated follow focus gears. When attached to a compatible taking lens, one could overide the focus control of the taking lens with the Rangefinder’s built-in focus ring. Provides calibrated focus markings from 3’6 ft (1.1M) to Infinity. Highly recommended for users wanting to have single focus capability on the SLR Magic Anamorphot series of adapters, currently 1.33x and 2x. Furthermore the Rangefinder CINE adapter can be placed on many taking lenses to offer those wanting to have "cinema like" manual focus capability on auto-focus lenses. Like many SLR Magic products, the Rangefinder CINE adapter is crafted using black anodised metal to the highest standard.

SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter features

Manual Focus Control
Minimizes Breathing on Still Lenses
For Lenses with 77mm Front Threads
Cine-Style Focus Gear
Calibrated and Marked in Feet
3.5' to Infinity Focus Range

Rangefinder CINE Adapter technical data

Model SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter
Focus type Manual
Min focusing distance 1.1M
Dimensions: Length: 24.3mm, Width: 97mm
Weight 340g
Fitment MF & AF Lenses
Rear filter thead 77mm, step down rings can be used to adapt to smaller taking lenses (Not included)
Front filter size 82mm

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