ShooTools AutoPan

ShooTools AutoPan
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ShooTools AutoPan AutoPan is a smart Electronic Device, fully programmable that works with... mehr
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ShooTools AutoPan

AutoPan is a smart Electronic Device, fully programmable that works with ANY Slider in the Market.

A revolutionary smart electronic tool to pan your camera for dollies or any slider length and brand.  It has got an internal motor and a rechargeable battery that pan your camera in 4 different modes.

It is the first electronic AutoPan that can be used universally on any Slider/Dolly Length and Brand, manual or motorized, FROM 0 to 3 meters long.

Fully programmable, it is possible to add synchronized pan movement to your camera slider. With his multi keyframe feature you have a smart and powerful 2 axis motion control in your hands.

Simply choose the A/B points, the CPU will do the rest. It does not require specific measurement calibration nor a fixed distance  from the subject.

ShooTools AutoPan is App Ready! You will Manage the setting easily by your  iOS or Android Smartphone.

AutoPan is always with you thanks the HPRC case included

4 different modes

Keep the focus onto the subject during the full tracking shot. It's perfect for interviews, talking heads and macro shots.

Emphatize the location due to its absolute perfect 360° shots.

Be free to pan your camera exactly in the point you like

Boost your creativity with an unique movement never seen before.

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