RigWheels RMH1 RigMount Sport mit Ball Head

RigWheels RMH1 RigMount Sport
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RigWheels RMH1 RigMount Sport mit Ball Head The  RigWheels RigMount Sport is a... mehr
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RigWheels RMH1 RigMount Sport mit Ball Head

The RigWheels RigMount Sport is a magnetic mount that uses rare earth magnets to achieve its surprisingly high holding power - up to 50 lbs / 22.68 kg in a vertical pull


This RigWheels version has its mounting bolt on top sized specifically for use with cameras and small ball heads. it has a a specially formulated rubber coating to both protect the surface you mount to and also to prevent slippage.


The great thing about mounting a camera with a RigMount magnetic mount is that once it is safely attached to a steel surface it will never loose it’s holding power. This gives you peace of mind and better results as well. Many other mounting devices can sag or detach. When you mount your camera with a RigMount you can be confident that your frame will stay exactly where you want it.


Since the RigMount has a flat base it can also be used to place and position your camera as an ordinary mini-tripod. For point-and-shoot cameras the RigMount makes a great travel tripod because of it’s versatility and all of the different ways in which you can place it. One of the difficulties with most miniature tripods is that it can often be difficult to find a platform to put it on in order to get the camera to the correct height. The RigMount handles this frustration nicely with its ability to attach to steel surfaces ( street signs, cars, mail boxes, railings, etc….)

NOTE: to use this product with a GoPro camera you will need the GoPro® tripod adaptor


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