RigWheels RigMount XL8 Camera Mounting Platform

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RigWheels RigMount XL8 SKU: RMXL-8 RigMount XL is a robust mounting platform designed for... mehr
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RigWheels RigMount XL8


RigMount XL is a robust mounting platform designed for mounting brushless gimbals. This configuration builds on the popularity of the RigMount X magnetic mount. Brushless gimbals have quickly become a regular part of on-location production and the RigMount XL provides a quick and secure way to get dynamic shots from vehicles. 

The RigWheels RigMount XL provides a wide “stance” which is ideal for the higher center of gravity associated when mounting a gimbal. The wider stance also helps distribute the weight of the gimbal and camera over a greater area so flex in body-panels is not an issue. This wider stance is also ideal for mounting larger camera rigs without a gimbal. Parts are precision machined from 6061 aluminum and machined to a tolerance of .001″.

Standard configuration uses 8 of Rigwheels RigMount Magnetic Mounts. The magnets are rubber coated to protect the mounting surface.  Each of the magnets provides up to 50lb of pulling force. To help adapt to curves in the body panels of a car magnets can be screwed in/out of the the arms. Magnets can be added or removed to provide the strength necessary for your application. You can use up to 20 magnets with the mounting holes in the RigPlate and Arms (up to 1000lb of pulling force).

RigWheels RigMount XL (8 magnets) includes

1 x RigPlate
4 x RigAxle
8 x RigMount Magnetic Mount – Long
4 x 3 Prong Knob – 5/16-18 x 1″
1 x 3/8″ Bolt – 3/4″ Long
1 x 3/8″ Washer
1 x 3/8″ Split Washer


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