RigWheels RigMount Magnetic Mount Long RML1

RigMount Magnetic Mount Long
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RigWheels RigMount Magnetic Mount Long SKU: RML1 The RigMount is a magnetic mount for... mehr
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RigWheels RigMount Magnetic Mount Long


The RigMount is a magnetic mount for camera mounting that uses rare earth magnets to achieve its surprisingly high holding power. This version has a longer mounting bolt sized for use with the RigPlate to give the correct amount of clearance underneath the Plate. It has a a specially formulated rubber coating to both protect the surface you mount to and also to prevent slippage.


The great thing about mounting a camera with a RigMount magnetic mount is that once it is safely attached to a steel surface it will never loose it’s holding power. This gives you peace of mind and better results as well. With industrial grade high-power rare-earth magnets these magnetic mounts will amaze you with their strength when affixed to a compatible metal. (up to 50lbs each in a vertical pull)


Many other mounting devices can sag or detach as time passes. When you mount your camera with a RigMount you can be confident that your frame will stay exactly where you want it.


Suction mounts are prone to vibration because of the rubber components. Because this magnet mount uses less rubber material than suction mounts your shots will be more stable with less vibration. The rubber coating on the RigMount magnetic mounts is just enough to protect the surface you are mounting to from being scratched while not depleting the strength of the magnet. Another advantage to using RigMounts is they are not affected by temperature. If you shoot in extreme environments these magnetic mounts are an ideal option.


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