RigWheels MicroWheel Stage-1 Camera Slider Carriage

RigWheels MicroWheel Stage-1
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RigWheels MicroWheel Stage-1 SKU: MWS1 MicroWheel Stage 1 Portable Camera Slider... mehr
Produktinformationen "RigWheels MicroWheel Stage-1 Camera Slider Carriage"

RigWheels MicroWheel Stage-1


MicroWheel Stage 1 Portable Camera Slider combines 4 MicroWheels  and 1 RigPlate with the appropriate mounting hardware for use together.


RigWheels portable camera slider kits and parts are designed for easy expansion and and multifunction use. This camera slider carriage allows you to operate on smooth flat surfaces (such as a counter top or glass table) as well as on pipe as shown below. MicroWheel camera slider wheels will run on any smooth pipe with an outside diameter between 1″ & 2″.


In addition to the variety of styles of movement you can achieve with this kit, you always have the ability to increase functionality by adding different parts. For example, you can add 2 RigAxels with inline wheels to configure RigSkate. Add a second RigPlate or a RigAxel with MircoWheels and you can configure a captive rail camera dolly.


MicroWheels are mounted to the RigPlate with common 5/16″ OR 8mm bolts. As often as possible, common parts and hardware are used in Rigwheels products to give customers the ability to modify and come up with different configurations.

This portable camera slider travels extremely well. With the MicroWheels removed, the flat 5/16″ thick RigPlate can fit in many common places like a laptop pocket. The 4 MicroWheels pack into their included travel bag are about the size of a portable hard drive.

Pipe and tube for track can be found at most any hardware store. PVC pipe works well for applications when the pipe will be on the ground or a solid surface. Aluminum and steel pipe/tube are recommended for suspended camera dolly applications.

In the box

1 x RigPlate
1 x RigAxle
4 x MicroWheel Camera Dolly Wheels
4 x 5/16" Bolt (1.25" Long)
8 x 5/16" Nut
3/8" Bolt (0.75" Long)


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