RigWheels C-Cup Suction Cup

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RigWheels C-Cup Suction Cup SKU: CC01 Rigwheels C-Cups are vacuum action suction... mehr
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RigWheels C-Cup Suction Cup



Rigwheels C-Cups are vacuum action suction mounting cups ideal for the most serious of jobs and placement. This type of vacuum suction cup is one of the most secure and safe options you can use to mount a camera due to the vacuum mechanism maintaining negative pressure inside the cup when in use. There is also a red line that becomes visible when the strength of suction gets low. With 4 of these vacuum suction mounts connected to a RigPlate, this configuration is one of the strongest and most secure suction mounting platforms on the market.


The A-Cups are appropriate for most applications.

The B-Cups have more holding power in a straight pull but the main reason to offer the B version is that they have less flex so the overall mount is a bit more solid. The trade off is that they also are more easily removed so if the mount is going to be subject to a lot of outside forces (wind, water, etc…) than the A or C version is recommended.

The C-Cups are for the most serious of jobs with a vacuum pump mechanism to keep the suction cup securely affixed to a surface with a visual safety indicator.


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