RigWheels B-Cup Suction Cup

RigWheels B-Cup Suction Cup
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RigWheels B-Cup Suction Cup SKU: BC01 Rigwheels B-Cups are industrial grade car... mehr
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RigWheels B-Cup Suction Cup



Rigwheels B-Cups are industrial grade car suction mounts with 5/16″ studs that mount in the outer most holes of the RigPlate. You will notice 3 different versions of suction cups that RigWheels offers.


The A-Cups are appropriate for most applications.

The B-Cups have more holding power in a straight pull but the main reason to offer the B version is that they have less flex so the overall mount is a bit more solid. The trade off is that they also are more easily removed so if the mount is going to be subject to a lot of outside forces (wind, water, etc…) than the A or C version is recommended.

The C-Cups are for the most serious of jobs with a vacuum pump mechanism to keep the suction cup securely affixed to a surface with a visual safety indicator.


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