Prompter People RoboPrompter ROBO PTZ & Robotic Camera Teleprompter

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Prompter People RoboPrompter Robo The Prompter People RoboPrompter was designed for today’s... mehr
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Prompter People RoboPrompter Robo

The Prompter People RoboPrompter was designed for today’s self contained robotic cameras such as the Panasonic AW-HE100 and Sony BRC series. The RoboPrompter completely encloses the robotic camera for unhindered camera movement while providing easy access to camera controls. The 22” 16:9 LED LCD offers VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs with optional SDI. The Robo Prompter’s wide mirror frame allows wide panning of the camera for both standard teleprompting use as well as PowerPoint prompting applications and tele-presence using Skype or VOIP. Provides a perfect eyeline from presenter to remote viewer, perfect for remote studios, boardrooms and remote education. Please contact us for pricing, reseller and integrator pricing is available.

PrompterPeople RoboPrompter has a wide format 24" beamsplitter to allow for maximum left to right movement. This wide format screen makes RoboPrompter ideal for PTZ cameras being used in studios, board rooms and conference rooms. The matching wide-format reversing monitor allows for perfect eye-to-eye contact when used for tele-presence, tele-conferencing and standard presentations and prompting. No other solution offers the same eye-to-eye contact for the most convincing communication.


RoboPrompter fully encloses todays most popular PTZ cameras like the Vaddio, Sony BRC and Panasonic HE series. The robust yet light-weight enclosure protects the camera at the same time insuring there are no spurious reflections from behind the camera.

Robo Prompter's wide format reversing monitor perfectly displays any image on the 24" beamsplitter. HDMI, VGA and composite inputs are supported and SD and SDI-HD are supported via optional converters (not included).


PrompterPeople Robo Prompter's durable riser system safely supports your PTZ camera and comes with adjustable risers to place the camera in the ideal spot behind the glass. The durable 6601 aluminum construction assures years of use and a minimum of vibration from camera movement.

RoboPrompter features

Completely enclosed design
Works with virtually all robotic cameras
2 PTZ cameras can be mounted side by side with adapter
HUGE 24” glass allows for wide panning
22” LED reversing 16:9 LCD with VGA, DVI HDMI inputs
Viewable up to 35 degrees off axis
Multiple people can read at the same time
SDI input available on HB monitor version
Perfect studio prompter
perfect for tele-presence and tele-conferencing
Robo Teleprompters do not come with an included travel softcase, please call for ugradeable flight kits, and case options
Upgradeable HB (High-bright) 1,000 nit monitor

In the box

Durable lightweight aluminum hood
Internal mounting sled
Reversing 24" monitor
Widescreen 24" beamsplitter
2 risers for optimal camera placement


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